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What stuff should we watch, read, play?

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Because these threads are great: We can link to little things being talked about on the web in general, on blogs, or other forums that might be noteworthy, without having to dedicate a new thread to each and every one (although that, too, is fine if you want to discuss the item further or "open up a discussion").

Responding to these posts with a comment or two is understandable (other times there might be no comments, just cause the link was self-explanatory: nothing to say, lots of heads nodding in agreement). But we don't want to create a huge discussion in the middle of the thread: Some folks get a lot out of these threads, and don't want to look back to see the "10 latest posts" just to see that it's a heated discussion of something from a previous page.




  • BWHQ Torchbearer kickstarter launched

    Disclaimer: I was part of the last blind playtest of the rules
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    Life on Mars, my second game, was just published as a part of the Octo Games of Spring collection. It is available at...
    all procedes go to charity!image
  • Hey all!

    I am a major lurker, and I haven't posted too much (mostly just in the Women and Gaming thread, if you want to see me go on feminist rants ;) ), but I love this site :) I talked with the mods, and they said it was okay to post this here.

    I run an organization that outreaches to young music fans about issues that affect the sexual and gender minority communities and gives them tools to create positive change. We help people learn how to effectively combat homophobia and transphobia in whatever ways work best for them and for their communities.


    Each year, we go on part of Warped Tour as out biggest outreach campaign. Warped Tour has been my home away from home since I was a teen, but it never quite meshed with my queer identity. I finally got so fed up with so many organizations being represented on the tour, but none of them being LGBTQ-related, that I started my own! Thus, Equalize was born.

    Last year, we went out east with the tour for a week and accomplished some great things! We made 1500 new Equalizers (people who pledge to stop homophobia and transphobia whenever they can), gave hundreds of LGBTQ youth a place in their scene where they could connect with others like them and be safe, and even inspired one young person to start their own organization in their hometown!


    This year, we have our sights set on getting our for two weeks on the road; doubling our impact from last year! However, we can't do it without strong community support. We need to raise $3500 by May 15, or we literally cannot go. I am asking everyone that is moved by our story and that wants to support us to donate $35, if they are able - that way, we only need 100 supporters and we will reach our goal in no time! However, every dollar helps us get another mile down the road. The link to read more information and to contribute is:

    Also, it's helpful to just share this on your FB pages, with your friends, etc. - thank you so much!!

    This is what I wish playing 3:16 felt like. Minimalist browser game about survival that I finally won after like 20 tries over several days.
  • Shameless self promotion here, but I am giving away a free copy of The Burning Wheel Gold book to commemorate Free RPG day, my 1 year anniversary of blogging, and my 100th post.
    This is the 100th post on this blog. The 29th of April was also the one year anniversary. To celebrate this aligning of events, I'm going to give away a free copy of the Burning Wheel Gold book to one lucky internet stranger. How does one get lucky? Simple. Submit to me your best fantasy plot hook in 140 characters or less. Multiple entries are acceptable. Entries outside the US are permissible.

    The winner will be announced on June 15th, 2013 (Free RPG Day!). All entries will be posted to serve as a GM resource.

    You can submit one of two ways: email me your submissions at gazrax at gmail dot com or send me a tweet @earthlightacdmy.
  • For those of you who played Mongolian Goat Rodeo last year at Gen Con a new (less expensive) version of it should be out at stores some time this month. I sent the first batch off to the distributors yesterday.

    Chris Engle
  • Our own Jamie Fristrom has gone live with the Kickstarter for Energy Hook, his fun, tricked-out grappling-hook-and-jetpack action game.
  • Our own Jamie Fristrom has gone live with the Kickstarter for Energy Hook, his fun, tricked-out grappling-hook-and-jetpack action game.
    Thanks Joe! I was just about to say. I should probably be posting to Tigsource or Something Awful or something like that, but this is the forum I hang out in...
  • [Exalted 3rd]
    So, $30 before you get the bare bones rules PDF and $110 before you hit paper. I'd say these guys are delusional, but they're already funded.
  • [Exalted 3rd, 2]

    Clearly, we are not in the target market.
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    [Exalted 3rd, 2]

    Clearly, we are not in the target market.
    We're not. But I know folks who are (yeah, some of my best friends play White Wolf games) and, believe me, among serious WW-heads there will be NO PROBLEM with forking over that amount of cash.

  • Always/Never/Now is live and free as of today.

    Based in part on John Harper's Lady Blackbird, A/N/N is 100+ pages of cyberpunk action/adventure for the incredible, regrettable price of FREE.

    This is the project I Kickstarted some time ago, based on characters and adventures from 17 years of play. The whole thing grew beyond my expectations and launched a year-long playtesting process that taught me a lot. Today, the project is free for you to download. I hope you find stuff to like in it.

    Have at it: Always/Never/Now at DriveThruRPG
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    [ANN 2]

    A/N/N is astonishing.
  • THE YAWHG is a forthcoming video game by Emily Carroll and Damian Sommer, produced for a comics VS games jam at last year's Toronto Comic Arts Festival. It's a strange, visually beautiful game/interactive fiction that relies a lot on the player to construct/interpret a narrative, and it has some very interesting resonances with story-games in general and with The Quiet Year in particular:
    It is six weeks until The Yawhg returns. How will the town’s locals lead their lives in the meanwhile, and what will they do when the dreaded Yawhg finally arrives? The fate of a community hinges on the characters’ actions, and the decisions of their players.
  • [ANN 3]
    I won't keep posting here about it, but I realize that I didn't post the Tumblr address here, which will contain some of the support work for the game: the Always/Never/Now blog.

    There's a new post today, for example, about the homage I almost paid to Burning Wheel but didn't, and why.
  • I made a game. Check it out:

    What does it mean to be a clone? A single clone among the many clones of Nano. Alike in every way, you serve your purpose together. That is, until the day when things go wrong.
  • Did we talk about San Tilapian Studies last year and I just missed it? Probably because I am dumb. Anyway, I just found it so I'm excited about it.
  • Her boyfriend Ethan was taken by the Witch House so Emily is going to get him back.
    In three nights the full moon will mean that the House has him for good.

    Game: Ben Lehman.
    Art: Amika Stirling.
  • The Mayor of Toronto, who has always been a travesty, has achieved peak Fiasco:

    Relationship: Work - Mayor and his crack dealer
    Need: To get out - of public office
    Need: To get rich - by blackmailing the Mayor
    Object: Information - video of the Mayor smoking crack a major Canadian city.

  • [Toronto 1]
    In a Major Canadian City would be an excellent Fiasco playbook, actually. You could call it "Worthwhile Canadian Initiative."
  • [Toronto 2]

    If the playbook includes a bunch of Kids In The Hall and Bob & Doug McKenzie references, I'd totally play it.

    Also, are the Coen brothers working on a Rob Ford biopic yet? Starring John Goodman, maybe? (It's too bad John Candy is dead...)
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    [Super-amazing Toronto mayor Rob Ford allegedly caught on video smoking crack 3 and out]



    Also, just in case you live under a rock and don't listen to Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff AND you want to know more about Toronto's Fiasco-like municipal politics, Robin D. Laws will hook you up.
  • [Toronto 3]
    Object: Sentimental - 3,000 tons of maple syrup
  • Just had a jolly time recording a Stabbing Contest podcast about GMless games with @Ogremarco.

    When will it be up and actually be 'stuff you can watch' (er, listen to)? Time will tell.
  • Free Cthulhu Alert:
    David Haden is giving away the pdf of his book about Lovecraft being a psychogeographer in New York.
    Check it.
  • Downloaded -- thanks!
  • [Free Cthulhu Alert]

    I thought you were warning us Cthulhu was free. This is good too though.
  • Here's the cover for the Planarch Codex: Over-Turned, my streamlined World of Dungeons-inspired hack of Inverse World that we will release for free to all backers if the Kickstarter reaches $15,000 (currently at $11,500 with only 9 days left). The cover illustration is by the very talented Turkish artist Bülent Gültek.


    Kickstarter is here.
  • Gadzooks! I had so much fun chatting with Meguey Baker at InterNosCon, with Michele Gelli and Paolo Bosi and everybody. Fun times! Below, you will find 90 minutes of us talkin' about tabletop RPGs, video games, Iron Maiden, and all manner of other cool stuff.

  • Anna Anthropy on Apocalypse World:

    (Expands on her very brief mention of the game in Rise of the Videogame Zinesters.)
  • My Scene is Dead.

    About Norwegian tabletop RPGs.
  • My Scene is Dead.

    About Norwegian tabletop RPGs.
    Man, this is more internationally applicable/portable than you'd like to think…
  • Cartooner RPG is out. Yes, just out of the blue and without a Kickstarter: we Italians are that arrogant.
  • My Scene is Dead.

    About Norwegian tabletop RPGs.
    My reply

  • Yay, Cartooner!
  • Go sign up for ConTessa, an online convention where all the events are organized/led by women. Anyone can come and play! Except me because I am a sad person who already has something scheduled on that day. :(
  • Hey, everyone!
    I know it's not directly story-games related but I'm hoping that there might be some interested folks here.
    I've been watching the progress of TinyKeep and backed it, and for some reason it's really caught my interest.
    So, I figured I'd mention it here and see if anyone else would find it interesting as well.

    - Alex
  • [Tiny Keep 1]
    Tiny Keep looks neat. The big head style art is adorable. The ai plans are impressive. Backed!
  • weighs in on house rules in gaming to unintentionally hilarious effect. "[I]n reality, tabletop role-playing games are all about the house rules."
  • weighs in on house rules in gaming to unintentionally hilarious effect. "[I]n reality, tabletop role-playing games are all about the house rules."
    I must be missing something. Why is that unintentionally hilarious?

  • (Cracked [2])
    I must be missing something. Why is that unintentionally hilarious?
    1) System matters?
    2) Assuming they're only talking about traditional roleplaying, they're ignoring quite a large swath of the hobby with their RPG talk and make themselves look a little silly
    3) Again, assuming they're only talking about trad games, if the house rule thing was really as common as they say, I just find it darkly humorous that no one actually played the game they bought.
  • [Cracked 3]

    If they equate "tabletop rpgs" with "D&D", which is what "outsiders" mostly do (for a number of obvious reasons), then I believe their assessment to be quite accurate.
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    Bundle of Holding +2 starts in, like, 5 minutes you guys is live and features:

    - Kagematsu
    - Shooting the Moon
    - Grey Ranks
    - A Penny for My Thoughts
    (Bonus for paying more than the average):
    - Hollowpoint
    - Monsterhearts
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    The years Nordic Larp talks of course!

    This years awesome talks are:

    What does Nordic Larp mean? - 
Jaakko Stenros
    Welcome to Larp. Let’s Play - 
Jana Pouchlá
    Three Ways to Make Games More Inclusive - 
Lars Nerback
    The Mixing Desk of Larp - Martin Eckhoff Andresen
    No Training can Replace Experience, or Can it? - 
Stefan Deutsch
    Bleed: How Emotions Affect Role-Playing Experiences
 - Sarah Lynne Bowman
    How Can we Know what Actually Happened in a Larp
 - Annika Waern

    Bonus: Knutepunkt 2013 Book Project Presentation - Karete Jacobsen Meland & Katrine Øverlie Svela

    (How do you embed videos in the post here?)
  • Last year I debuted Dog Eat Dog at the Allied Media Conference, a convention of radical media artists devoted to work that challenges traditional narratives and creates new narratives. I was part of a newly developing track called Imagining Better Futures Through Play, designed to focus on the power that games have to use interactivity and emergence to make microcosms of systems and interrogate and challenge them.

    It was such an awesome experience that I'm working on running the track this year! We have awesome presenters like Anna Anthropy and Merrit Kopas, exciting topics like using Twine, 3d printers or systems design in games, and a huge exhibition of radical and narrative-challenging games. I'm copresenting on two workshops: one on self-publishing, crowdsourcing, and owning your own game, and one on using economics and systems design to model a social structure (like colonialism) in a game and let people experience and challenge it. We're hoping to raise a little cash to help some of our presenters get to Detroit, so we've started an Indiegogo:

    As our main reward, we've put together what we're calling a DIY Indie Bundle -- a bunch of graphics, sound, music, and other stuff you can use while designing your own games. Obviously for a text RPG they won't be super useful, but if you're thinking about trying another medium, they'll help you make your games look good.

    I really recommend the Allied Media Conference in general -- they're super interested in radical new media like games. If you come this year, you'll even get to see the stuff I've been working on!
  • Canon Puncture 137 - Game Advocates: Steal Away Jordan
    Game Advocates is a series of interviews about a single tabletop role-playing game, not with the game designer(s) but with people who have thoroughly played the game. In Game Advocates we ask about how the game plays, what’s fun about it, possible pitfalls for new players, and why this and not another game.

    This episode’s advocate is James Mendez Hodes. Mendez advocates for Steal Away Jordan, a game by Julia Bond Ellingboe.

    Link to the blog post Mendez mentioned:

    Direct link to the episode:
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