[Saga of the Icelanders] Suggestions for more in depth moves(s) to go a-viking?

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Soooo, my newly converted gamer group has been inspired by the History Channel's Vikings:

Thus we have played a first session and have Njal the Huscarl who is bound to Grimhild the Seiðkona by fate and covets the affection of Saeunn the Shieldmaiden. After establishing the village and thier daily life, along with a shifting hotbed of political and social injustices, the players want to go a viking. Njal has a longboat and the promise of the western isles beckons, but the players want more than just the Viking move. Any ideas for an exploratory / discovery type move(s) that encourage fleshing out the world beyond Iceland and thus can engage with both social moves of trading / negotiation and the more violent raiding / pillaging?


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    Roll +Young to bring back a woman for someone to wed or to bring back a thrall

    On 10+ The one you bring back is healthy, skilled and has accepted the situation.

    On 7-9 chose one
    - The one you bring back is useless and unskilled
    - The one you bring back is resentful and crave revenge
    - The one you bring back is has fallen ill or been injured
    - The one you bring back brings bad luck
    - The one you bring back cost you something dear

    On 6+ chose three
  • So there's not enough interesting stuff happening at home in your game? I'd fix that first. The moves are carefully tuned and quite subtle in their intent to keep it close to home where the good stuff is.

    (That said I like Elin's move)
  • Oh no Jason, there is enough interesting stuff happening at home, it just that the guys wanted to 'escape' almost by 'running away' on a legit enterprise to avoid some of the tension at home and return ship-full of treasure / slaves and saga material.

    Elin's move is perfect! That's the sort of thing I was having trouble coming up with - subtle narrative cues twixt a 'raiding' move that then bring it back home, tying the knotwork even more deeply. Good stuff! Thanks so much :)

    Im trying to come up with a Christian 'conversion' move too.... Something like When you suffer baptism to engender trust. Hmmmm. Its almost the opposite of the accept the gospel move move. I know I could just use when you temp fate, but I really like the tension of belief / faith / action inherant in the Icelander's world. the narrative cue choices to moves.
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    Thinking about keeping the focus back home, something around when you return from a voyage and tell tales of your exploits? You can do world-building (from some list of questions about the land and people overseas?) And/or gaining bonds/favour, having a saga or song written, not having your honour questioned or tempting fate, no-one feeling slighted at being left out of the tale, etc. Or when you claim a prize to bring back home perhaps- but this might be a more general case of the thrall move.
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    when you return from a voyage and tell of your exploits in distant lands, tell us of-
    - One outlandish thing you swear is true
    - One strange custom you encountered
    - One thing that reminded you of home
    and roll +versed. On a 10+ choose 3, on a 7-9 choose 2
    - Your saga will be retold and live on after you
    - You gain prestige in the eyes of those present, choose one to gain Bond with
    - Your honour is not challenged by one who is jealous of your tale
    - You do not tempt fate with your prideful retelling

    (edited slightly for prettiness)
  • That's very nice.
  • I think it needs another line, perhaps, after the three things-
    then answer any questions from your audience and roll +versed...
  • Oh yes! Exactly! Thanks so much Cneph. I just want to get the Huscarl to make this move now and make maps like crazy! Yay!

    Maybe for an additional line:
    - One new discovery that you covet?
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    Thanks Jason.

    Your additional line is good Noofy, but does break the 'three things' metre I like. But it may generate more play than say the homesickness question.

    - Ian
  • I'm really eager to have a finalized version of this game; I've been putting off playing it until I do.
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