Any story games-minded people in the Netherlands?

I'm relocating to The Netherlands in August, and would like to hook up with like-minded people there. I see there's an RPG guild in Amsterdam, but it looks fairly trad, and I will live in or close to The Hague.

Any info, help or suggestions appreciated, including pointers to online communities


  • Yes, there's a thriving indie scene, largely driven by the people who organise ConDamned, the second one of which is taking place this year in mid-June. One of them has written a story-game called the Skull of Akkarat, which is inspired by Indiana Jones 4, and is fantastic- I played it last year.
  • Brill, thanks. And it's on UK Roleplayers, huh!
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    Yep, they go to a lot of UK cons, e.g. Conception, Indiecon and occasionally Indiemeet.
  • Yes, if you can get to IndieCon, they'll be there.
  • I'll be in the Netherlands at that time, will try and connect there instead :)
  • I keep forgetting to post in this thread :)

    I'm Dutch and living in the Netherlands (Utrecht, in the center of the country), and I play story-games (as well as other RPG's).

    I've played and ran PrimeTime Adventures, Dogs in the Vineyard, AW, Mouse Guard, World of Dungeons and a bunch of other games (dependant, as always, on finding people willing to play them). Unfortunately, I don't have lots of time to game at this point (at least, not more than I'm already doing).

    I've met some people (and played a bunch of games, indie and otherwise) through the Netherlands Roleplaying Guild, a mostly English-speaking community of roleplayers (that's the one you mentioned above, I think?). Their meetups are fun, and there's often lots of varied games on offer there (both trad and indie, depending on who's willing to run). And it's a nice way to meet more people!

    As another route to find more likeminded people in the Netherlands, it cannot hurt to contact the owner of Subcultures ( ) or drop by the shop. The owner is a friend of mine, and hugely into gaming ... almost everything related to the hobby. The shop (in Utrecht) carries a nice selection of indie games alongside more standard fare.

    It might be a bit short-term (and perhaps not quite as indie as you might want), but tomorrow (Sunday) the Netherlands Roleplaying Guild, together with Subcultures, are organising a meet-up for Free RPG day in Utrecht. More details here. If you're around at all, of course.
  • Thanks Herman, that's very helpful indeed.

    That also gives me a good excuse to try the Haag-Utrecht tram :)

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