Mission Boston: a free D-Day paratrooper sandbox scenario for The Regiment.

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So I'm going to run The Regiment at GPNW this year. With all the preparation and research that went into the scenario, I figured I'd polish it for wider publication. Here's the pitch:
Mission Boston is based on the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment’s drop into Normandy during D-Day. In real life, the 508th was scattered across the French countryside and (initially) achieved little while suffering heavy casualties. This scenario offers no opportunity to change this outcome.
Get it at http://john.aegard.com/mission-boston-v0.3.zip

Note that it's never been playtested or even really proofread, so there's probably some howling stupids in there. Also, best use a real PDF viewer to look at it, as Firefox's PDF viewer can't render some transparent overlays on the main map.


  • This looks awesome.
  • Super cool. John do you want feedback/typo hunting?
  • Jason, any feedback would be super helpful.
  • Wow! Very cool.
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    Thanks to my playtesters and first readers, this has been massively expanded and updated and except for typo-fixing I'm calling it done.


    It has a new Gear Bingo Card to help track the massive amount of kit that a D-Day paratrooper jumped with. It has a Drop Snafu table. It has tanks and cover art! It has the official go-get-em pep talk from Ike. It has a callous lieutenant. It has a dozen NPCs who will win your heart, or at least inspire Bonds. It has a move for yelling "DIABLO" as you leap from a perfectly good aircraft.

    There's so much stuff in it now that it cannot merely be .pdf'd, it must actually be zipped.
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    Love the bingo card, that's a great idea!
  • Wow. This is really great. Love the bingo card!
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