What should I leave by the cryotank?

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So I've got this method for cryogenics that's fairly foolproof, and some friends interested in a one way ticket.

Problem 1: We're going to emerge pretty helpless, naked and frazzled... A little brain damage is likely, and general amnesia is almost guaranteed. Except for me, they're all pretty handy at survival stuff, and their professional skillsets will be intact, but they will not know much more than their names.

Problem 2: the minimum time is over a million years, so it'll be hard to tell what conditions will be like on the future side.

What should I put next to the tank to help me and my pals out at the other end?


  • A towel
  • Money. Lots and lots of money. And some chicken.
  • An incredibly durable plaque with Ikea-like instructions on how to open the capsule. That plaque can also double as a shield to fend off the mutant flesh-eating rabbits.
  • Nonperishable food.
    Radiation suits.
    A wagon or backpacks.
    A journal explaining who you are and why you're there. (Consider leaving in two formats in case an audio recording degrades or you wake up without the ability to read anymore.)
  • Dice, how can you role play without them?
  • Another cryo-tank containing a parrot that mindlessly recites a dozen or so short phrases:
    "Go north"
    "Under the stone"
    "Charlie knows"
    "I've doomed us all *SQUAK* Doomed us all"
    "Watch the full (Fall?) moon"
    "Charlie want a cracker"
  • You have some fairly crazy friends.
    What does it matter?
    I think you'd have to be crazy to go a million or more years into the future.
    I'd take the basics and wing it from there. I mean who cares, right?
  • Beer. What more do you really need?
  • I am not aware of any human artifacts that could survive a million years. I should think anything you want to still be there would have to be sealed in opaque diamond, in a vacuum, as near to 0° Kelvin as you can get it, in the center of the largest tectonic plate above sea: Eurasian, maybe in the Himalayas.

    What you put in that would be a mix of rare objects and super-simple tools, I guess.
  • Ooo yeah, stone tools.
  • 1000 super-tools
  • An altar (for the natives to leave gifts for the 'sleeping gods' who will one day arise and overthrow their brutal mechanical overseers.)
  • A collection of "Useful Tools," and "Requisite Rations," boxes that have long since been broken into and ravaged by. . . something.
  • Oh jeez, my suggestions above sounded a lot more reasonable in my head until somebody reminded me of the "million years" part. Are you even sure that a machine so complex as a cryotank could be built to survive that long? If you are, get that same company to build you a time machine so you can zip backward and get whatever you need later on.

    Incidentally, you have a lot more options for what to bring if instead of cryo-stasis you create a bubble that slows down time while the rest of the world marches onward (cf. Vernor Vinge's Marooned in Realtime).
  • Ok, I'll try again.


    * Backpack
    * Bedroll
    * Flint and steel
    * 50 ft. of rope
    * Iron rations
    * Hammer and chisel
    * Lockpicks
    * Dagger, shearing knife, hunting knife
    * Shortbow and 30 arrows
    * 10-ft pole
    * Waterskin
    * Vial of ink, quill, and parchment
    * Grappling hook
    * Garlic
    * 3 mules, frozen
    * Holy symbol, wooden
    * Holy symbol, silver
    * Hunting dog, frozen
    * Pony, frozen
    * 10 iron spikes
    * 5 torches
  • A copy of Vernor Vinge's Marooned in Realtime engraved on gold plates.
  • 20 rabbits, may they be fruitful while you sleep.
  • If rabbits then you will have intelligent rabbit people to worship you... Or eat you...
  • Don't worry about the cryotank. I've been told not to worry about the cryotank. Ftagn.
  • A robot capable of repairing itself as well as the mill, lathe and 3d printer, harvesting natural resources, fending off dangerous organisms and terraforming the changing world to keep it hospitable.
  • Condoms. You have NO IDEA how hard it is to get rid of herpes. And it will have a million years to practice.
  • Ummm... are you certain about the million years thing? One million years ago on our world, Homo antecessor had just evolved in Europe, and Neanderthals wouldn't appears for another 700,000 years.

    I fear that when you awaken, you will be a fondly cared for exhibition for the species that evolves to replace humanity. You will be so intellectually inferior that I doubt you'd even recognize your wardens as descendants.

    And that's just assuming normal evolution due to nature and niche exploitation. What's more likely is that your descendants will have shaped themselves into vast and baffling organisms comprised of multiple substrates and energy states.

    OR, a total extinction event will have happened and you will in no way be able to survive the new climate and/or biosystems.

    Really... one million years is a rather-more vast swath of time than I think you appreciate....
  • A spaceship, a mate, a rosetta stone
  • @David Artman

    I'm hoping the other side of the million years being a sword-and-planet kind of situation. But if I'm wrong, and the atmosphere isn't breathable or something, then hey, at least it won't upset me for long.
  • Don't worry about the cryotank. I've been told not to worry about the cryotank. Ftagn.
    I'm going to suggest you take a few extra cryotanks, then, and fill them with food. You know, like the most expensive refrigerator ever.

    Also, comfortable shoes.
  • Don't forget toilet paper.
  • A spare water chip. Those things break, man.
  • If you're hoping to play Thundarr in a world of ruins, you want to shoot for the 1000-2000 year range and hope that humanity goes to space, brings home several species of aliens, and then suffers an apocalyptic catastrophe in the meantime. But if you go further than 2000 years into the future, the ruins will be gone and you won't have any reason to name your Mok friend Ookla after UCLA any more.

    Oh, an invest in plasma emitter technology. That's your best bet for a sunsword.

    Also - don't ignore the beautiful sorceress' advances. She's totally into you despite your obvious flaws and deserves to have her attentions reciprocated.
  • Hundreds of thousands of years of boom-bust civilization? And you open your cryotank on a world like Barsoom?

    This is a work of fiction, ain't it? }:^[
  • The chemical formula for gun powder. Unless you over shoot the mark by a hundred thousand years and Atlantis rises again as R'leh; in which case, an Elder Sign may prove more useful than a shotgun.
  • RyRy
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    I've received some updates.

    The cryotank is a compressed column of ice in a slightly conic vertical flute in some mountain cavern. The column is carved in sections and will melt from the bottom up. As section starts to melt, it shrinks slightly and thus slides down the cone until it pops out and shatters into a cavern at the bottom.

    The person inside is released and reanimates by some mechanism I'm not privy to. But they awaken in a state of adrenaline-stoked terror. I think this is because they have to get out of the way for the next falling ice block.

    Then they have to figure out how to get out of the cavern to the surface. Luckily I think they'll have global amnesia so they won't be wasting time trying to reconcile the situation to their past knowledge. Their skills will largely be intact. But getting them to the surface is going to be the really tricky part.

    Oh, and apparently... the million years or so thing is negotiable. It might actually not be earth that my friends and I will be waking up on. But they'll definitely be a few thousand years between when the frozen-people column is installed and when we wake up.
  • Food and water
    Tight synthetic clothing in primary colors
    A world map with stashes of useful stuff marked on it
    A lamp to light their way out of the cave
  • Honey. That shit never goes bad.
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