Game Chef 2013 - Winner declared for the English language! Finalist feedback! Closing remarks!

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Game Chef 2013 draws to a (sort-of) close. The Winner for the English language has been declared, along with an esteemed Runner-Up. I am so happy to share with you this link: Game Chef 2013 Winner.

The winner goes on to compete in a final International Champion round with the winners of French Game Chef, Italian Game Chef, and Game Chef Brasil. Excited!


  • *Wild Applause*
    Wow, well deserved! Both [spoiler redacted] and [spoiler redacted] are beautiful and inspired!
    Nice work chefs!
    And even more thunderous applause to everyone who participated and made a game - so vital! Nice work!
  • I'm just very thrilled that my game shared the same virtual space as the winner and all the other really impressive games made this year; it was an honor just to be among them.
  • I've always liked board games with a cooperate / compete element. It's very cool to see that highlighted in an RPG, Manu!

    Congrats to all, and thanks for running this, Joe!
  • The English language community wasn't the only one in the ring this year. Below are links to the winners of each of the other Game Chefs.

    French Game Chef: Gamechef 2013 : le vainqueur !
    Italian Game Chef: Game Chef Pummarola Ediscion G+
    Game Chef Brasil: I believe their winner is going to be announced very soon, and their site is here.

    All the winners are going to be translated into a shared tongue (English), and then a World Champion will be selected from among the four of them. The World Champion game will get translated back into all four participating languages. Hurray!
  •'s the international judging thing going, anyhow?
  •'s the international judging thing going, anyhow?
    Unfortunately it's been difficult to get everyone chiming in, and thus it's been dragging. Since other duties have taken the forefront in my life (I'm moving in two weeks, I've gotta ship two small games this month, I'm doing layout for a friend's game), I've not been pushing it forward like I could.

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