6-7 players in a park / 3 player Fiasco

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Quick! Our Fiasco group has grown and is currently tantalisingly at 6, maybe 7, players. Obviously we can play two games with that many players but I just wondered if anyone had an idea for another game (single session, but doesn't matter if it is gmless or not) that works well with that size of group. Must of course be practical to play in a park and be available to download tonight.


Failing that, any advice on improving the game experience of a three player game of Fiasco?


  • Lady Blackbird works well with six players + GM in my experience, if you have clipboards/rocks for the character sheets and a dice tray.
  • I've played three-player Fiasco. What it does is make a much tighter story because everyone is constantly riffing off of one another. In bigger games, some plot elements get lost and fall away easy. With three players, that just doesn't happen.
  • @felan: Yes, of course. Thanks.

    @CarpeGuitarram: in my experience, 3 player games can be too tight and plot elements get used up even faster than the reduced number of scenes allows for. It defintely can work though. My first Fiasco game was 3 player and was awesome. My last game was 3 player and possibly my least satisfying.

    To answer my own question (for the sake of debate if nothing else), I think 3 player games work better when you savour the game and don't try to rush through. I don't mean pull your punches, but be more deliberate. I'd also be tempted to insert an additional location or object common to all players just to add a bit more plot.

    In terms of tomorrow, happily it would appear that we may have 8 or even 9 players now, 3 of whom will be first timers. So hoping this happens - I love introducing new gamers - but will print off a copy of Lady Blackbird and suggest it just in case we fall back to six.

  • Not having a surface to write on makes this tough. I suggest Wushu (free version available here) which is pretty free-flowing and doesn't require much writing after initial setup.

    If you don't mind keeping track of a few things on paper, 3:16 works great with larger groups. The positioning mechanic can be kept track of mentally (just remember if you are Close, Near, or Far). Penny For My Thoughts works better with fewer players, but is theoretically limitless, and you can skip most of the writing other than the setup. (You would need a copy of the script though).

    Also maybe Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple? I haven't seen it myself, but from what I understand it is park-compatible.

    This is all presuming you want a more tabletop-style experience, as opposed to some kind of larp, of which you have your pick.
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    The Trouble with Rose is a free download and dominos make good weights to keep the other paper bits in place. The average play set does not have 6-7 characters, but character creation is a simple matter of writing down four positive traits ( 1 - 4) and two negative ones (5 and 6.)

  • In the end we had 5 people actually turn up so we played a somewhat surreal game of Fiasco in which it wasn't entirely clear what was real and what was a tree bark induced hallucination (I still insist the goats weren't real).

    In the end my backups were Forsooth and Witch.
  • My solution to the wind problem was to invest in a couple of 40cm x 60cm white boards which had the additional advantage of having borders which made them good for rolling dice on.
  • Nice. I was going to suggest whiteboards! Smart.
  • Three player Fiasco has worked best for me when we've platformed the characters a lot more prior to play start. With a larger game establishing scenes make sense so you can start rolling with only a few facts decided but in a three player game that's only 12 scenes and 'wasting' 2 or 3 on working out who is who doesn't seem to be the sensible option.

    For 3:16 outdoors, you could always do the range map by getting people to move around, have a flag for 'Normal' and anyone closer than that chose close, further chose far...

  • @w00hoo: Establishing scenes for three player Fiasco? That's an excellent idea.
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