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Quick, grab the duffel bags and get in the car! Run, Fools, Run is now available for sale at DrivethruRPG!

Run, Fools, Run is a collection of highly-polished Fiasco playsets written and developed in-house by Jason Morningstar and Steve Segedy. Each is themed around organized stupidity, and each manages to bend the time-tested Fiasco playset framework in new and exciting ways. In addition, the playsets are designed to work well together using the “Trainwreck mode” introduced in our previous collection American Disasters.

All together, Run, Fools, Run is 36 pages of great new material for Fiasco. All of these playsets have had rounds of playtesting and great feedback from our usual excellent gang of collaborators, along with some great final proofreading by David Artman and additional playtesting at Gen Con Games on Demand!

With something dangerous, idiotic, or just plain cringe-worthy on every page Run, Fools, Run will kick your next Fiasco session into high gear!


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    Nice one guys! Look forward to playing them. One thing: could you please expand a bit on this?
    each manages to bend the time-tested Fiasco playset framework in new and exciting ways.

  • Sure. Each playset includes something that's a bit out of the ordinary. White Line Fever puts all the action inside a 1973 AMC Matador on the run. All of the Objects are listed by their location inside the car, and the Locations are places along whatever route you're taking. Who are you? Why are you running? Why is there a foil-pouch of roadkill roasting on your engine block?

    The Last Heist is about bank robbery and includes a fun and disruptive stunt die add-on ("Heist dice") that is intended to help you add thematic mid-plot twists to your unfolding crime spree.

    The Murderists is about a team of assassins on the job. The big change for this playset is that Object and Location have been swapped out with Target and Method, which really focuses the direction of your story. In addition, there is an optional rule to add a possible "snitch" role to the one of the player characters, throwing a little more uncertainty into the mix.
  • How interesting!
  • Thanks Steve, that's very interesting. I hadn't previously thought of Fiasco as extendable/tweakable, but you've now proved it is. Even more kudos to the bully pulpit team!
  • The first extension to Fiasco base rules was, if I haven't missed one, Camp Death with Stunt Dice (one of the 'killer apps' of The Fiasco Companion, in addition to the Soft Tilt and Aftermath tables). And the 'killer app' of the American Disasters book was the addition of playset chaining and inter-relating multiple sessions (i.e., continuous play with the same characters across multiple playset). I think it's pretty cool that BPG uses new rules/methods as a way to incentivize getting their compilations, instead of 'just' more and more playsets (of which there are A LOT, nowadays, just counting ones on the wiki). [Just in quotes because the BPG playsets are pretty consistently more effective than fan playsets, with some notable exceptions.]
  • Thanks! See our previous collection American Disasters and some of our free Playsets of the Month offerings for other examples of ways to extend Fiasco.
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    Playing Camp Death - very carefully so as to ensure the slasher's identity was always kept ambiguous and it could turn out to be anyone - remains my favourite Fiasco experience thus far (which is saying quite a bit), so I'm excited by The Last Heist.

    *Just downloaded*

    The Murderists hack is lovely - straight out of the Shadows over Camelot/Battlestar Galactica school of semi-coop games. Itching to play this!
  • I think it's pretty cool that BPG uses new rules/methods as a way to incentivize getting their compilations, instead of 'just' more and more playsets
    Agreed. The details Steve shared in this thread make me more eager to play Fiasco than I've been in a while.

    Steve & Jason, y'all might wanna highlight those rules tweaks in future announcements! Or, well, at least when the announcements are in places where nerds like me are reading them...
  • Thanks for the suggestion Dave, that's a good idea. From our perspective they are small tweaks but I can see the appeal.
  • Yeah!

    Played The Last Heist last night & it was fucking great. So juicy. My associate and I were covered in red dye pak number 9 pretty much the whole game - one of her closing moments (like black eight or something - minor inconveniences, pssh) featured her trying to wash it out of her perm, to no avail.

    One of our heist dice moments featured our timing (in the afternoon, when the bank should be relatively empty) being off - they were having a five-year celebration for the bank manager some of us were trying to revenge ourselves against, and the place was crawling with high-ups eating cake from paper plates.

    Better, though, was the other heist die - the pizza guy from across the street had kidnapped two of the would-be heisters, commandeering the getaway car while the ringleader was still extricating himself from the vault (fucking tilt, y'all. Seriously). The hothead, Karen, who'd waved her homemade tear gas bomb around a lot and then proceeded to PICKPOCKET the terrified TELLERS while they were prone instead of GOING FOR THE FUCKING VAULT I mean GOOD GOD KAREN WHAT THE FUCK, well, now she was riding shotgun while Shireen drove leavebehind getaway and the pizza guy was in control in the back seat - (Heist Die taken) and then Karen slips the pizza guy one of the wallets she stole.



    Thanks Steve! Super fun!
  • We also played The Last Heist at Wyrd Con this weekend! For some reason everybody chose romantic relationships and we had a very sexy gang of bank robbers all up in each other's business. They had an iron clad rule of "no fucking in the crew" that every single one of us broke or tried to break and the sadness and failure rained down like God's hot tears.
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