[Kosmos] Patching up Everway

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So, like a farce, I wound up stumbling into creating an homage to Everway.

I took bits from Diaspora and deck-building card games, and mashed it up with Everway and the Tarot deck. The result was Kosmos:


There's a lot of whitespace at the moment, waiting for examples of play, which in turn is waiting for me to finally playtest it. Dry runs are pretty solid, but that's not the same as play experience.

At this point I'm looking for any critical eye.


  • Hey, great to know!
    I'm doing my own — uh, something based on Everway, but it's taking me forever (mainly because a number of other projects took priority, but also because it's meant to be a campaign-oriented game and, consequently, not something I'm going to actually play as intended anytime soon). I'm always very curious what others are cooking up in the same vein.
  • You've got me curious, Rafu.
    What is your something? Mind sharing anything?
  • It's a neat read, I wish I had the cards to play it!
  • Thanks!

    I've got some rudimentary cards made up for any potential roll20.net play.

    I also have EVEN MORE RUDIMENTARY cards that I printed out at Kinkos. Fifteen bucks for 27 of each Weft card and 9 of each Warp card. Which is what I naively expect to be good for a 4 person game (3+GM).

    I could share with you the latter PDF.
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