[*World] Question-and-Answer Moves

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These are my favorite type of moves!

I'm working on a hack wherein the players, collectively, control about 15 characters; each has no stats and is defined by only a background, a trait, and a role, each granting a single move. For instance the Gluttonous Vampire Navigator or the Demagogue Rat-Catcher Captain or the Masked Thaumaturge Prisoner. Most of these moves are quite simple, and don't involve a roll. I've been finding that question-and-answer moves are some of the most flavorful and easy to write.

For instance, the Demagogue: When you stir up the mob, ask 1: *Whom or what do you resent? *What do you crave? *Who among you is most easily swayed?

Or the Rat-Catcher: When you wallow in filth and commune with the rats, ask 1. *On what do you dine? *What do you fear? *Have you caught the scent of ______?

Or the Serf: When you converse with someone in a hierarchy of power, ask both: *How is this person treated by her superiors? *How does she treat her underlings?

Or the Urchin: When you quietly watch how a group reacts to some external provocation, ask both: *Who’s at the bottom of the food chain? *Who's unhappiest?

Or the Bard's Charming and Open from Dungeon World.

But so far this is just in my mental sandbox... how do you find this sort of move affects the game? Or, what are the qualities of a question-and-answer move that make the players really want to put it to use, and help it drive play forward? (Corollary the first: how would you rewrite the above examples to have those qualities? And the second: what are exemplars from other *World games?)
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