Who wants the S/Lay w/Me soundtrack?

Okay, folks, so the S/Lay Kickstarter didn't fund, which gives me sads, but such is the nature of Kickstarter.

I know there are some folks who wanted the soundtrack over in Plus Land, stands to reason that there are some over here. Since the KS didn't pan out, here's the plan:

You go here: http://www.patreon.com/dreamandshadow
You click "Become a patron" and pledge at least one dollar per song (there's five songs in the soundtrack)

Friday, in the middle of the night, I will drop links to download the songs, and everyone who has pledged will be billed per song. Patreon allows you to withdraw or adjust your pledge at any time (you can also set a monthly limit for how much you can be billed, but I humbly request that you don't set a limit lower than $5 for this purpose), so if you're only interested in the soundtrack, you can just pay for the soundtrack. Of course I'd like you to come for the soundtrack and stay for the other stuff, but that's your call.

Ron Edwards did a Kickstarter for an app to play S/Lay w/Me over Google Hangouts. For one of the rewards, I made a five-track, 36 minute soundtrack of phantasmagoric prog-as-fuck music without wankiness, with lots of nods to the late 60s/early 70s era that this kind of music and S/Lay's kind of fantasy was born in. If you go to Google Plus and search #slaywme, then you can see some fun posts I wrote about old-school guitar fuzz, the Wurlitzer electronic piano, the Fender Bassman amp, and a couple other things.


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