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Lately, I have had the itch to write some adventures, mostly updates to adventures I have created for my own personal use. They are mostly Fantasy, and set in the Faerie realm of The Feylands. Think of it as the Arthurian Legends combined with Faerie Lore.

The initial plan is to make them so that the raw adventures are systemless. I also want to create system plugins for one or two of the game systems that I am working on. I would also like to make a system plug-in for one of the Open Game Systems that are out in the market.

I want to know what you want! I’ve included a poll with some of the more popular systems that have Open Licenses, so that you can vote for your favorite! The poll will close December 4th! I thought you at Story-games would be interested since I added Dungeon World as one of the options!

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  • This has certainly been an interesting week. I am working on some Fantasy Adventures, and I wanted to get a feel for what roleplaying system you, my potential customers, would like to play besides whatever system I would make for them. The results so far have been surprising. We have a total of 30 votes so far, and would like to see more before this poll finishes on December 4th.

    So far, the leading game system is FATE, by Evil Hat Productions. They have accumulated a total of 12 votes.

    The second-highest is Goodman Games’ Dungeon Crawl Classics system with 7 and one-half votes. It wasn’t part of the original line-up, but became a serious write-in candidate when it took an early lead before FATE overtook it. There is a half vote because one of the voters also put down Swords & Wizardry White Box as one of their choices. What surprises me so much is that I have presented Dramatic Games as progressive in game design, and find that there is so much interested in retro-games.

    The race isn’t over yet, so if you haven’t voted for your favorite Open Source Roleplaying System yet, please do so!

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  • To Recap: I am making plans to publish some Fantasy Roleplaying Adventures using one of my own systems, but also wanted to make a plug-in that would allow them to be used with another game system. Naturally, I can’t do it for all of them, so I wanted to see which is the most popular of the Open Source Roleplaying Systems by running a poll on my web site for a month.

    The twists and turns in the Alternate Game System Poll just keep coming. FATE by Evil Hat Productions was in the lead for several days, but was soon overcome by a sudden surge of Dungeon World and 13 Age fans. At the time of this writing, the top three are:

    1.Dungeon World- 82 votes.
    2.Archmage System (13th Age) – 23 Votes
    3. FATE - 16 Votes

    The setting that I will base the adventures in is The Feylands. If this trend continues, I’ll hack Dungeon World into Fey World. But you never know. I may still end up making The Fay Age (Yes I know it sounds horrible, but I can’t think of a better title now) or FATE of the Feylands if things turn around.

    The poll is still far from finished, so you still have time to vote for your favorite Open Source Gaming System before December 4th!

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  • VoteThere are only three days left in the Alternative Game System Poll. If you haven't voted for the Open Source game system you would like to see adapted to the Feylands fantasy adventures, now is the time!

    It has been an interesting measurement of popularity so far. When I first put together the poll, I chose those systems that I had been fairly certain would get plenty of votes. But there have been a number of games that have suddenly popped up from the Other category that have become unexpected contenders. The Top 4 games at the time of this writing are:
    1. Dungeon World - 84 Votes
    2. FATE- 30.5 Votes
    3. EABA (End All Be All) 25.5 Votes
    4. Archmage System (13th Age)- 25 Votes
    Our latest surprise is EABA v2.01 from BTRC. It's only half a vote above the Archmage system from Pelgrane Press. Thank you all very much for the current feedback. It's good to see what my audience would like to see come out of this company.

    So if you haven't voted yet, or you know some friends that would be interested, pass the word along quickly! Vote!
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