Literally Hacking Games - Where else could you take the concept

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Joe Mcdaldno and Sean Buckley hosted this painfully cool event:
We gathered at Leisure Games, pushed the display racks out of the way, and pulled the tables together in the middle of the store. We had a giant crate of roleplaying game texts – some beloved, some ridiculed. We warmed up the photocopier, distributed scissors and glue sticks, and set about our task – – Iiterally hacking games. (
I was wondering if a couple of more focused events could work as well:

Print off all the playsheets for all the Powered by the Apocalypse classes that you can find, and hack new classes and moves.
Print off all the OSR clones that you can find, and hack new OSR clones.

Any ideas?


  • I've been finding physical assembly to be very useful, about half of the games I've designed in the past few years uses scissors, tape, or both. Actual hacking and building can lead to things like building a fractal network of character traits from cut out pentagons, cutting out and taping moves of your current body too keep after you leave it, cutting out tear-apart character sheets to remove when the world falls apart, and assembling a character from three expertise and taping in place random maps to show how each expertise's abilities are linked together. I've usually used it to solve particular problems in design, but it is a fascinating frontier on its own.

    - Mendel
  • Step 1) Acquire a copy of a game you dislike.
    Step 2) Cut it up word by word, saying a prayer to William S. Burroughs.
    Step 3) Reassemble the words into a better game.
  • Messing with the physical elements does wonders for the creative process. For example...
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