[The Fifth World] The public beta has begun

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I've been working on a game called The Fifth World for ... well, can we just say that it's been long enough that I'm embarrassed to say how long it's been? I haven't been around to these forums much lately, but I think some people here might be interested to know that I just finished posting the public beta rules. There seems to be a lot of different standards about what "alpha" and "beta" mean, so I'll just say that here it means that I'm not calling the game finished, but I think it's far enough along for you to read the rules, download the appropriate sheets, and play the game without me having to be there.

You'll find everything at thefifthworld.com. It's more utilitarian than visually captivating right now, but I'll be adding to it in the coming days and weeks. I also have a community on Google+ if you're interested in following along or getting involved.


  • Great news! I've been hearing good things about Fifth World for a while, but keeping missing it at cons. The web page looks great and I've begun reading, but I'd really recommend that your first priority for any updates be a table of contents/links up top. There's a bit much here for me to read all at once in order; the ability to orient myself, skip around, and come back later and find my place, will all be necessary for me to digest this.
  • Woah! I've been waiting for this since, like, was it my first year around The Forge? Awesome!
  • Thanks! And thanks for the advice about the table of contents, David. I'll add that soon.
  • I just played this at Dreamation 2014, and it was a blast. I especially liked bookending scenes with the ritual phrase "It happened at". For some reason that mechanic made the stories seem more agreed upon by the group, more real and yet more mythic at the same time.

    The character generation is a blast, and though we didn't get to do the clan creation (as it was a con game, constrained by time), I'm sure it would also offer much fun.

    More later after sleep....
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