"Road of Kings": iOS app inspired by Barbarian Prince solo rpg/boardgame available on iOS for $.99

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Just thought I'd give folks who like this sort of solo storygame (Barbarian Prince billed itself as one). This app is inspired by that type of hex-crawling game and may be of interest to those of us who like that sort of solo stuff.


Reviews have been OK to Good: http://www.148apps.com/reviews/road-kings-review/


  • It very strongly reminds me of Barbarian Prince.
  • It's also on Android.

    Just played a few games of it. Seems like a few things are still fairly buggy -- the game crashed on me once, scores don't persist from session to session, many of the special attacks don't seem to work, and unlocked starting cities also don't persist from session to session. Also, it would be nice if the main character could be a woman.

    Still, it's a lot of fun! It's very engrossing -- playing one game (which took about five minutes) made me want to play several more, and the stories are very flavorful. Totally worth the $0.99.
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    it does seem to tell a bit of story, though I'm not sure if Barbarian Prince has more varied events since it isn't possible to look at all the events of this game to compare. 

    Looking at the score table though is a lot of fun, though.  Here's the list of all the playthroughs I've had so far:

    Edik Wildcat, 29 days, 0 gold, defeated by a warlock and his demonic guard

    Rodor Shadowstep, 18 days, 11 gold, killed by a reaver while trying to rescue that fool Rikkel

    Kratos Eight-Eyes, 17 days, 15 gold, hacked to pieces by Skald the Red

    Luter of Voni, 50 days, 19 gold, killed trying to free Spartic's family

    Fredek Firehelm, 30 days, 22 gold, killed by a reaver while trying to rescue a terrified looking boy

    Ljot Wilystep, 40 days, 45 gold, slain by a hapless villager during a raid on Gund

    Vladik the Axe, 100 days, 47 gold, ran out of time

    Nain Irondagger, 20 days, 57 gold, made into dessert by a pack of wild dogs

    Strang the Butcher, 32 days, 94 gold, killed by guards trying to defend some peasants

    Manglor of the Many Blades, 21 days, 109 gold, Slain by magically animated armor

    Ljot the Sly, 34 days, 114 gold, Slain by magically animated armor

    Sorab the Lean, 51 days, 236 gold, burned to ash by a great wyrm

    Lucan the Ghost, 86 days, 271 gold, starved to death

    Urtun of the Cold, 106 days, 310 gold, snapped in two by a massive dragon

    Melchior the Cunning, 99 days, 525 gold, Crowned king

    Rodor the Restless, 442 days, 1075 gold, Ascended as the avatar of Kor, the Sun God!
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