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As someone more eloquent than I wrote...

What stuff should we watch, read, play?

1. Feel free to respond here in-thread to another link posted.

a. If you're looking to start a conversation, perhaps take your comment and create a new thread with it in the Stuff to Watch category.

b. Otherwise, to prevent too many comments in the thread, number your response (first response: [1]; second response [2]; third response [3]). If you see that you're the second person to post, "Wow, that looks cool!" to a post here, then put a "[2]" at the top of your post. Three posts ([3]) is the limit: The fourth person to post should just take their comment and create a new thread, to carry the discussion over there further.


Because these threads are great: We can link to little things being talked about on the web in general, on blogs, or other forums that might be noteworthy, without having to dedicate a new thread to each and every one (although that, too, is fine if you want to discuss the item further or "open up a discussion").

Responding to these posts with a comment or two is understandable (other times there might be no comments, just cause the link was self-explanatory: nothing to say, lots of heads nodding in agreement). But we don't want to create a huge discussion in the middle of the thread: Some folks get a lot out of these threads, and don't want to look back to see the "10 latest posts" just to see that it's a heated discussion of something from a previous page.




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    Lovely little article here:

    [Man, itching to play some Lady Blackbird now.] :-)
  • Fiasco got played on the Scriptnotes podcast, run by John August (Big Fish, Go) and Craig Mazin (The Hangover Parts 2 and 3). Kelly Marcel (Saving Mr Banks) joins them.

    The Angel Crest Fiasco (using the Hollywood Wives playset)
  • The Angel Crest Fiasco (using the Hollywood Wives playset)
    Funny folks... but, man, I just can't help but cringe at every rules error.

    If there's ever Fiasco Revised (or Total Fiasco: a revision plus compilation!) I suggest that there be a precise, concise summary of play as an appendix or similar. It wouldn't have to be long, but it would (IMHO) read like a tech manual or well-written recipe: succinct but comprehensive; covering every mechanical interaction.

    The big misses for them:
    * They always self-framed and let others dictate scene die. Not so bad with three professional writers, though: no analysis paralysis here.
    * They thought every scene had to be dialog, and in linear time. Surprising for precisely the reason the previous bullet wasn't.
    * They didn't understand "give away your dice in Act 1; keep your dice in Act 2." Um. Not sure what excuse one would have for that other than "I only skimmed the rules, I didn't use any play aides, and I didn't read the per-chapter summaries." So, yeah... that'll make it tricky for following rules.

    But still hela funny!
  • I Want to be an Awesome Robot is my self-published collection of weird nerdy humor stuff. It has sections on RPGs (including an untrue history of RPGs, dice superstitions, adventure seeds, etc.) the land of Japan and her animes (including an untrue history of anime in America, Japanese folk tales, and for some reason 700 catgirl names), food, the world (with an emphasis on parts of it I have visited), and the Today in Geek History calendar. There are free PDFs of some of the activity section stuff (and I'd legitimately like to see the results of some kids going at the "design your own dice bag" page) too.
  • My kickstarter for The Queen's Cavaliers launched yesterday.
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  • "The Analog XP", an online magazine and YouTube channel with content about brazilian independent publishing and design discussion, with interviews, reviews and articles about what's being created, now asking for your kind suport on Patreon. :)
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    When I write a Dungeon World adventure I like to include a new character class, so now that I have three of them, I decided to release just the character sheets as a pay what you want product. I think they are pretty decent as far as DW classes go.
  • My entry to the (Italian) Game Chef was a video. While it's in Italian, I'm just finished synchronizing English subtitles to go with it. Therefore, I now feel like sharing:

  • Jack Chick's 1984 Dark Dungeons tract is now a feature film:
  • I didn't know about this game by Simon Carryer (of On Mighty Thews fame):


    If you're into imaginative tales of swords and sorcery, you should have a look at it.
  • Nod [1]

    This has given me some of my favourite con games over the last year or so of playtesting. Lovely dark violent fantasy tales that draw off (depending on the group and the combination of characters) Conan, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, and (usually) a few doomed souls from a Clark Ashton Smith short story.
  • Nod [2]

    Nod's sort of an interesting beast in that you can think of it as single-player-multiple-GMs. There's one Barbarian, and everyone else picks up the various (preset) NPCs as the game goes on; every NPC card also grants its user narrative authority over some aspect of the setting.

    I seem to recall one or two other games that do this sort of shared-narrative-authority thing, but IIRC they're all GM-less with everyone in an equal role, while Nod is asymmetric.
  • Nod (3) and out...

    Sounds a lot like Dirty Secrets, another asymmetric shared authority game.
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