Playing The Quiet Year with children

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Hello everyone,

I want to introduce a bunch of children (varying ages; let's say average age is 9) to The Quiet Year. I think they can really dig the map-making and world-building aspects of the game.
However, whenever I play this game it turns out pretty dark, some of it due to the players and some of it due to the cards. Is there any way to give the game a lighter tone? Has there been any attempts to make it more kid-friendly?


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    Two suggestions.

    1. Play it as an "alternating between light and dark" cycle rather than a collapse. That way it's mythical, poignant, but also cyclic and eternal. Maybe even magical.

    2. Maybe Dawn of Worlds would be a more fitting start for these youngsters?
  • I really had fun playing A Thousand Years Under the Sun with my 12 year old. It reminded me of being in elementary/middle school and drawing out worlds on a piece of notebook paper when I "should" have been listening to the teacher...but with a game structure. Not quite The Quiet Year, but still full of shared narrative/world building. Here's a play session.
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