[Dungeon World] Grim Portents issue 2 finally here! (And a new approach for future submissions)

edited May 2014 in Story Games
The second issue of the Dungeon World/Powered by the Apocalypse fan e-zine Grim Portents is available for download from the Grim Portents website! Explore the Wine-Dark Sea, face off against a hydrodaemon, establish your own tavern and generate a secret spy organisation.

Thank you to everyone who contributed articles, illustrations and feedback – and a particular thanks to Jonathan Walton for his cover design and herculean layout job.

All articles are under free and open Creative Commons licences.


If you’ve written anything for Dungeon World, World of Dungeons or other Powered by the Apocalypse games, we’d be very interested to publish it. First, submit it to sanglorian@gmail.com (or read the submissions page for guidance). We’ll post it on the blog within a week or two, and then when we have enough content we’ll compile it into Grim Portents issue 3.

We're also always interested in artworks.

There is a theme, “The Thaw”, but that’s for inspiration – it’s not required!

All submissions must be licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike, or CC0 (a public domain licence).


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