GoPlay NW 2014 - June 27-29, Seattle University

Less than a month to go before the con.

Less than a week before room reservations close.

Sign up today!


  • Woooooooooo Go Play!!!!
  • Room reservations and t-shirt orders end Thursday, June 5th.
  • edited June 2014
    Here's a draft of the shirt design (still some tweaks left to do)

  • Does it come with a decoder ring? At a glance I'm voting binary ascii
  • It's braille. 8 on the top, ONESEVEN in the middle, GPNW2014 on the bottom. There's a dot in the bottom right of all the numbers that I figure just indicates a number, but I don't actually read braille, just recognize it.

    Gonna do that textured/embossed/whatever you call it when the shirt has a raised texture bit so it could actually be read by the blind? Cuz that'd be sweet, we don't have enough graphic/text shirts for the blind.
  • Damn, is this the eighth one already? Seems like just yesterday it was 30-35 people and I was guilting Harper into running a FATE-influenced Danger Patrol for Clinton and me.

    Latest shirt design looks great.
  • I couldn't resist signing this one. Oneseven is eight characters and it adds up to eight. Too perfect. :)
  • It is a thing of beauty, JH. Fuckin A.
  • Nice. This would look really cool on an enamel pin.
  • I'm going to find you at GPNW, John, and slowly read your shirt. With my hands.
  • Assuming Ragnarok doesn't intervene, I'm putting in my vote now for a Norse-themed squatch or monkey king for the ninth annual GPNW.
  • Good idea! Remind me next year because I'll completely forget by then.
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