When you create the world

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Roll +genesis

On a 10+ it's as verdant as you wish, and either it's peaceful, or something will eventually emerge and worship you, your choice
On a 7-9 the biosphere is more or less varied than you intended, and warring civilizations will emerge and they will make their own gods
On a 6 or less, it's crawling with demons, and the biosphere will expire within a hundred thousand years of the tool users showing up


  • When you punish your worshippers or their neighbours, roll +fury

    On a 10+ they get the message and word will spread
    On a 7-9 they are terrified but they take the wrong lesson; suggest a wrong lesson to the MC
    On a 6 or less you kill more than you intended, or you look weak. Either way you lose worshippers.
  • When you test one form among your most faithful roll +majesty(?). On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2. And on a 6-, choose only 1:

    - your worshipper proves exemplary
    - tales told of your test generally frame you as righteous
    - news of the test spreads widely
    - the test does not destroy the subject

    (I'm sure I had another good option for this list while I got sidetracked trying to figure a better name than majesty, but it's gone now.)
  • When you send down laws to your people, roll +justice

    On a 10+ choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1. On a 6-, the people reject your laws as cruel or empty and raise a false idol (see page XX).

    - Your laws are fair.
    - Your laws are merciful.
    - Ordinary people can understand your laws.
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    When you walk among your people as one of them, clothed in mortal flesh, roll+grief.

    On a 10+, choose 1. On a 7-9, choose 2. On a 6 or less, choose 3.

    * Your teachings are twisted into an extremist creed by those who remember them.
    * You are considered a false prophet by all who hear of you.
    * A cult worshiping your Adversary arises in your wake.
    * No one remembers you afterwards.

    No matter what you roll, you are brutally murdered by the people sooner or later.
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    When you have sex with a mortal, roll +Hot. On a 10+, choose two. On a 7-9, choose one:
    * Your partner's other partner is cuckolded and will not sleep with them again
    * Your partner receives the mystical power of augury
    * Your partner is transformed into a symbolic animal
    * Your partner, if biologically capable, is impregnated
    On a 6-, your partner witnesses your true form and must roll +Weird to avoid instant death

    When your mortal sex partner gives birth to your deific offspring, roll +Hard:
    10+ Your offspring is a demigod
    7-9 Your offspring is a monster
    6- Your offspring is prophesied to murder you
  • When you create the world, create something that will come first before all other things. Say one word that will be what this first thing will spring forth from the void.

    It is good.
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    When you say the one word before all
    roll+ create
    10+ The word is good, nothing compares, it is the only true name of your world.
    7-9 The opposite of that word appears with it , a shadow word . (Your world will battle with its shadow)
    6- The word makes no sense and no world the void consumes you, remain lost for aeons = to your die roll plus infinity
  • You can appoint a prophet. Tell the GM what you want them to get the people to do. She will say "Yeah, sure, okay, but..." and will choose one of the four following;
    • your acknowledgment of the problem will imbue the idols with life
    • your people will pay a terrible cost in lives from the cleansing that follows
    • your prophet will split the people, with the old order splintering away
    • your people are weakened and vulnerable to the aggression of others
  • When you summon a great flood to cleanse the world, roll+wrath.

    On a 10+, the rains last for forty days and forty nights, and wipe from the Earth every living creature you have made. You may roll+genesis again, if you wish to keep playing, or call it a night.

    On a 7-9, choose 1.

    * A righteous six-hundred year old Savvyhead fashions a Great Ark, surviving the Ordeal and saving all sorts of flying, swimming, crawling things.
    * Your most wondrous creations* survive the Flood, noble and proud.

    On a miss, the rains flood the Earth as you will it, but the waters never recede. You spend the remaining eons watching this video.

    *: I mean the dinosaurs, of course.
  • When you are going to disappear for thousands of years, for each sect of your followers that you're particularly interested in, choose two of the following that does not come to pass for that sect in your absence:
    - this sect will cling to the most perverse and hateful elements of your doctrine
    - this sect will remain rigorously conservative in unexpected ways and liberalize in others
    - this sect will twist the holy word to support their flawed and hateful nature and draw strength and confidence from this
    - this sect will incorporate elements from surrounding heretical traditions
    - this sect will either dramatically lose market share or come to dominate the public face of your faith
  • You have 150 ability points that you get to distribute between 6 abilities for men and 6 abilities for women.
  • When the four seals are broken, begin the End.

    Name your four horsemen and send them forth.
  • Genesis d4 - You can create worlds! It's pretty cool.

    Spend a plot point to...
    ...cleanse the world of nearly all life in a flood.
    ...send your child to the world to sort some things out.
    ...end the world.

    Am I doing it right?!
  • Am I doing it right?!
    As ever

  • You can choose an alignment for your God from "lawful good" to "evil chaotic"
  • Your believers will pray to you, asking for your favor. If you grant a believer's petition, they give you a drama token. If you refuse, you must give them a drama token. You start with an infinite amount of tokens.
  • JdCorley is that Genesis Day 4 ?
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    You are Yahweh, the only, the almighty, the all-knowing, the alpha and the omega.

    In the beginning was the word: your Agenda, Always Say, Principles, and Moves.


    * Make the earth and the sky and the plants of the earth.
    * Make the stars and the sun and the moon.
    * Let there be light.
    * See that it is good.
    * Make them in your own image.
    * Make them human, name everyone.
    * Make their lives not boring.
    * Make their lives not fair.
    * Let your plans be ineffable.
    * Be merciful, always.
    * You are love.

    Always Say

    * What your principles and your rules demand of them.
    * What your prophecies demand.
    * Sometimes, do not Say. Remain in silence, immutable.


    * Inspire mad apocalyptica.
    * Address yourself to the chosen ones; not the common people, not everyone.
    * Ask provocative questions and shroud the answers in mystery.
    * Respond with fuckery and intermittent rewards.
    * Think, too, in offscreen, incomprehensible logic.
    * Move in mysterious ways.
    * When you fulfill a petitioner's prayer, misdirect and never speak its name.
    * Sometimes, test their faith.
    * Sometimes, disclaim decision-making.

    But also and especially:

    * They shall have no other gods before you.


    * Separate them.
    * Capture someone.
    * Put someone in a spot.
    * Make someone question their sexuality; make them gay, make them weak.
    * Take away their stuff.
    * Take away their loved ones.
    * Test them, demand sacrifice.
    * Inspire someone with visions of the unseen future.
    * Offer an opportunity, with or without cost.
    * If it is still the First Session, perform a miracle.
    * Fill someone with divine grace.
    * Proclaim someone a prophet.
    * Announce future badness.
    * Punish the ungodly with holy wrath.
    * Damn someone to eternal torment.

    And also - but use these sparingly, or else:

    * Make a virgin pregnant.
    * Raise someone from the dead.
    * Raise someone up, that they may ascend directly to heaven.
  • Remember: You never roll the dice, but when your worshippers do and fail, make something interesting/bad happen to them.
  • Remember: You never roll the dice
    (Einstein was right!)
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    Paul_T: love your AW hack! :)
  • Paul_T wins.
  • Paul_T wins.
  • Well done, Paul.
  • Thanks, guys.

    Compiling that list made me realize how complex my - and other people's - relationship to religion is.

    I thought AW's Agenda, Principles, etc, only made RPGs easier to understand?

    Turns out deconstructing a faith/creed/philosophy this way can be just as revealing.

    I had a lot of weird "huh!?" moments compiling that list.
  • When you ignore the supplications of your followers, say the worst thing that could pass from your inaction.

    On a 10+, your followers credit you with their turn of good luck
    On a 7-9, the worst thing comes to pass, but with a glimmer of hope. Tell us what hope remains in the hearts of your flock.
    On a 6-, You ignored Your followers, and they lose faith
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