New steampunk larp: Tesla's Wedding

Hi there,

It's been a while since I logged in, but I have a game to shill, er, tastefully draw to your attention.

... After hair-raising adventures, a spot of cross-dressing, and several degrees in Biology and Morphic Resonances, you have finally carved out a space – the small settlement of Bellecoeur – where You Can Have the One You Want with All Your Heart and Nobody Gets to Say Anything...

In the late 19th century Mad Science and Wonders of Nature abound in Europe. There are two powerful families, the de l’Eclaires in Paris, and the Drakenwyrms of Middle Europe, who have feuded for generations. It was inevitable, really, that a de l’Eclaire and a Drakenwyrm would fall in love and trouble, just as inevitably, ensued. This is not that story.

This is the story of how Tesla von und zu Drakenwyrm and Pierre de l’Eclaire, having Conquered the forces Arrayed against them and Founded a little town of their own in the Black Forest, are about to get married good and proper. They have invited friends from their adventures and old enemies, the terrible trials of family, and the myriad peculiar townsfolk nearby. There are even a few travellers staying for the night. Absolutely nothing can go wrong...

Tesla's Wedding is a giddy roleplaying game based on the steampunk genre, designed in a spirit of celebration and to evoke a feeling of joy. It is rules-light, has a range of characters from the intense to simple and light-hearted, and is suitable for introducing new players to larping, while giving ‘old hands’ room to plot, scheme, and chew the scenery.

(Hoping you're all well.)


  • Sounds intriguing! +1 for use of the word "giddy". :-)
  • This looks really cool.

    However, something jumps out at me:

    Is "Tesla" in this story the bride's name?

    If so, I find that extremely confusing.
  • I'm interested. Does it hava a fixed number of character or, say, is it playable with a variable number - e.g. 15-30?
  • Hi guys,

    Paul T - Tesla is the bride's name, yes. I think my sister (the author) wanted it as a shout out to Nikolai Tesla. Also the first run of the game was called "Perambulate We Merrily" as an adaptation of the first line in the song "Mairi's Wedding". Is that what you found confusing?

    Lorenzo - there are 20 mandatory characters and 10 optional. There are also 8 characters that are gender neutral, and 2 that can be cross-played if desired or to fit the gender breakdown of your larp group.


  • Steph,

    I found it odd that the main character's - a woman's - first name was actually a man's last name.

    With a title like "Tesla's Wedding" I'd expect to hear something about Nikola Tesla (an Italian) and his inventions. To find that "Tesla", here, is a young German woman's name, and has nothing to do with the inventor at all, is a bit jarring to me.

    I suppose it's not terribly important... but that was my initial reaction.

    Otherwise, the pitch sounds really cool to me!
  • Yah, I thought it was about Nikola Tesla's wedding, too.
  • Nikola Tesla (an Italian)
  • (Oops. Sorry!)
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