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  • Being Eero itself is way too straightforward for me. I am already bored with the simplistic dualism of fiction/reality, me/not me, Eero/not Eero, etc. The meta-thread is more interesting, as we begin to have some speculations of authorial intent by which to critique the endeavor. Is Tod sharing profound insights or performing parlor tricks, and does he even know the difference? Should his audience hold him to one standard or the other? Where in the author-audience dialectic is the responsibility of the reader for their own engagement invoked? Hopefully once everyone nitpicks Tod's motives, execution, success, and general sanity, then the real critique of that critique can begin. I'll start my grant application now.
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    Now we're getting somewhere too far at last!

    I should mention that I've been deconstructed before. It smarts a bit, but I am willing to subject myself to the objectification. For all their trouble, the original investigators were unable to determine the location of my standards gland, however they did find a very small hidden door.

    I'm hoping you guys can do better than they did. For Science!

  • I'll get to work on my next play-by-forum game, called Being a Metathread.
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