Thousand Descended Petty Lordlings - a GHOST/ECHO-inspired vehicle for an Exalted-y maneuver system

Hi folks,

I keep dipping into Exalted to read a few charm descriptions, but I get overwhelmed by the crunchy rules and the number of unexciting powers. I was thinking about whether there are simpler ways to express two neat features of the charms: (1) that they do cool things, and (2) that they are very concerned about who is doing cool things, what cool way they are doing them, and what cool name/visual effect the thing has.

So this is my experiment that tries to capture some of that - from someone who's never actually played Exalted.

The game is nothing exciting. What I'm interested in is the character generation process, particularly creating powers by combining a method and a theme, naming them and writing a short description.

Please let me know what you think.

Rules and Setting
Character Sheet, Blank
Character Sheet, Used


  • Ooh, I really like this!

    /Plus, /unlike /Ghost/Echo, /this /is /quite /well /readable!

    Can't comment on Exalted though.
  • Steeling that antagonists set-up for my next exalted game. Might use the rest too! +1
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