Buy/sell/trade thread 2015

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Hi there everyone. I have a bunch of RPGs and board games I'm looking to get rid of and had good success on these forums before. The following are taking up way too much room in my house...

Gary Gygax's Dangerous Journeys: Mythus Prime (basic core rules)
Gary Gygax's Dangerous Journeys: Bestiary
Chill RPG (HB, 19)
AD&D Monster Manual II
AD&D 2nd Ed Player's Handbook
AD&D 2nd Ed DM Guide
AD&D 2nd Ed Monstrous Manual
AD&D Oriental Adventures
D&D Rules Cyclopedia (HB, basic D&D boxed sets combined in one big hardback)
Harnmaster core rulebook
MERP core rules boxed set (the Games Workshop one)
MERP Gates of Mordor
MERP Collector's Edition (HB)
The Shadow Of Yesterday (HB)
The Shab-Al-Hiri Roach
Questers of the Middle Realms
RuneQuest RPG (Deluxe Edition, Avalon Hill)
Fear Itself (core rulebook)
Legends of Anglerre (HB, FATE system & fantasy setting)
Shadowrun RPG core rulebook (1989)
Paranoia RPG (HB, 1986)
Marvel Super Heroes RPG (advanced set, boxed)
Golden Heroes RPG (boxed)
Savage Worlds core rulebook (HB)
Buffy RPG (core rulebook, HB)
Hollow Earth Expeditions core rulebook
Danger International RPG

Talisman board game (Black Industries remake)
Last Night on Earth board game
Kings and Things board game

And here's what I'd like to get my hands on...

Numenera Bestiary
Any other Numenera stuff
Or cash

I've posted this on too.
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