I need content, not systems, for playing with my kids

They are 5 and 8. I don't need any mechanics I've already got that angle covered. But if a game had pages and pages of random tables / entries of good kid-friendly content I would definitely pay for it. Suggestions?


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    How about the unofficial Adventure Time RPG?

    It's got a whole system (based on D&D 4e), but it's also got lots of character classes, abilities and tons of NPCs and creatures that can pretty much be pulled out and plopped into any 3-18 or d20 game. It also has stats for a variety of wacky traps and hazards, as well as a sample adventure.

  • I haven't played it myself, but Beyond the Wall, despite being "an OSR game" might have a good wealth of random tables and material that's kind of fairy tale-like in vibes.
  • I haven't played it myself, but Beyond the Wall, despite being "an OSR game" might have a good wealth of random tables and material that's kind of fairy tale-like in vibes.
    Indeed, they have a couple of scenario packs for free on DTRPG.

    Also PWYW and probably suitable for inspiration is Shamblington: The Starlight Map.

    Neither are pages and pages of random tables though.
  • What kind of tables are you looking for?
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    Oh you know, tables of stuff GMs need, like:

    Things for scenes:

    Rewards (Coins!)
    Assets (Their shells can be used as sliding projectiles)
    Problems (the ground turning like a gear here, making it easy for the monsters to come towards you)
    Threats (a crazed, pot-less running piranha plant!)

    Other things:
    Risks (but you'll break the blocks around it, too)
    Hard consequences (you shrink down from loss of power as it bites you)
    Sensation (the campfire-like heat emanating from a fire flower)

    Things for chapters:

    Objects of desire (Lakitu's cloud)
    People in need (a fallen Luma who is lonely without her brothers and sisters and Starmom)
    Events that add pressure (the magical freezing of the entire Toad labor force)
  • That adventure time book looks pretty rad
  • Ewen Cluney's Schoolgirl RPG has quite a few useful random tables.

    I've played it with children and we all had a lot of fun.
  • What type of game are you doing? Are they fighting stuff or making friends or...?
  • Basically, the older one is all about making friends and rescuing turtles, but the younger one wants to "chop off their heads!"
  • Not the turtles, mind you. They're both pro-turtle.
  • Who isn't?

    (Only Shredder.)
  • Even Shredder had Tokka don't forget
  • I like to use Magic the Gathering cards for this. Usually just a bunch of random stacks.

    The important thing is to NOT use the cards as counter bur rather as cues for your fictional and mechanical stuff. So looking at the Scholar of Athreos I see she can talk with the dead, take life from someone and give it to another person, is a Scholar and a Cleric. In a WoDu game these would be my skills or attributes.

    You can lay out a bunch of land cards to represent the area. I typically pick out land cards that match the theme I want again using the card pictures as the fictional cues.

    Player characters
    I'll put together a stack of creature cards that I think folks will find interesting. For special equipment I have a separate stack for the players to equip themselves.

    Locations and Story
    I tend to grab special lands that are places here or just print out Magic cards that fit. I then will story board around a location with additional creatures, artifacts, and so on. Enchantments are useful for long term effect that need to be dealt with. Sometimes I'll storyboard around a creature, artifact, and enchantment.

    Let me see if I can take a photos of this process if you are interested. I really should write this up better.
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    I think that, were this my challenge, I would start simply by making a list of all the children's media (Disney films, How to Train a Dragon, favourite books, fairy tales, history books, mythology, whatever you read/consume) that you and your kids are familiar with.

    Then I would shamelessly pilfer as much as possible. A very slight re-skinning when necessary could be added to make things seem "fresh" (and the kids noticing similarities to stories they know would be an added bonus, for critical reflection - like the little girl who read Hamlet and said, "Oh, I know this story! It's the Lion King..."), but very little would be necessary.

    Take a fairy tale plot and set it in a science fiction setting, for example (a la Star Wars).

    If you're looking for more combat/challenge kind of stuff, pilfer similarly from video games or adventure fiction. Cross the two to create interesting material. For example, a game you know has a great "spinning rock tower" challenge fight, with the players trying to locate a treasure at the top of the tower. Your inspiration of the week is Aladdin, so you lift the spinning tower thing, but you put an evil vizier at the top - and he's got the genie's lamp.
  • And of course I'm also curious what you're using with the little ones system-wise. Care to share?
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    They've seen bits of the PbtA game I've been building and they want to play "daddy's game"


    https://www.dropbox.com/s/hdps2bfauqi4lwe/awake basic move cards.jpg?dl=0
    We played a little already and with just the 2 of them I've been able to keep it rolling with minimal coaching. Really they just had to understand the titles of the 6 cards refer to "kinds of stuff you can do" higher=better, and adding up the rolls. I'm not going to introduce more rules than that (like damage) as there's really no need.
  • That's cool, Ryan! Thanks.
  • Although you seemed to have started playing already, Pocket Danger Patrol with your own playset hack would probably be a great system for little ones.

    Sorry don't have any content advice to give--except to say, Glorantha would be cool if the setting was Prax. They could be Rhino riders or something equally awesome (from a five and eight year old perspective). There's so much content for Glorantha, it's mind-boggling. And they could grow into the world. It sounds like you're making a lot up as you go, so twisting the NPC stats wouldn't be that hard.
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