Solo Gaming Appreciation Month 2015

Hi folks,

Just wanted to let you know that we have dedicated November as the Solo Gaming Appreciation Month. We basically are using this to encourage people to get a little solo gaming done especially if they haven't gamed in a while.

We have three general "events" for people to participate in:

3 Ingredient Solo Play: We took a page from game chef and decided that we will create three "official" seeds, along with a major news event, each week of November. People will use these as inspiration for their solo gaming session.

Freeformpalooza: solo play any way you want! Have seen at least one member do some wargaming as well.

1 Page DIY Tool Challenge: Trying to get people to try and create shiny things for everyone to play with.

We've set up a small G+ community at Come join us if your interest is piqued!

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