[Solo Gaming] Lady Luck Oracle, inspired by Apocalypse World and Supervillain You

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I've been working on a contribution for Solo Gaming Appreciation Month event. This is what I've submitted to the One Page DYI Tool Challenge, but I'm wondering if I can make it more interesting. Feedback welcome!

Take the current game context, and look at the situation from your player character's point of view. What do you want from Lady Luck right now? You need to ask her in a manner that allows her to answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. First, however, think about the following:

* What player character features could come into play as help or hindrance? Each instance can create a +1 bonus or -1 penalty to your 2d6 roll. If the feature requires a test (e.g. a skill requiring a skill roll), you must first succeed at that test before adding a +1 bonus to the Oracle roll.

* Next, consider: What in-world Threat could contribute to make this answer a ‘No’?

After that, you will make a 2d6 roll:

* On a 6 or less, Lady Luck says ‘No’.
**** If any of your PC’s features added penalties, answer: How did this feature prevent you from getting what you wanted?
**** If no player character feature added a penalty, answer instead: How did the in-world Threat play a part in the answer?
****How did the in-world Threat benefit from the fact that you did not get what you wanted?

* On a 7-9, Lady Luck says ‘Yes’, but you must make a choice. Choose one of the following:
****You get what you want, but the Threat benefits from it as well. How did the Threat benefit from this outcome?
**** You get less than you had hoped for. What did you get?

* On a 10-12, Lady Luck says ‘Yes’. You got what you wanted with no consequences! What are you gonna do now?

* On a 13+, Lady Luck says ‘Yes’.
****You get what you wanted, but you messed up. Whatever player character feature added a +1 bonus contributes to the creation of a new immediate Threat. How did you mess up? What new Threat do you witness as a result? How did the player character feature contribute to create the new Threat?

Inspirations: I pretty much cribbed directly from the Apocalypse World system, by Vincent Baker and Supervillain You, by Ron Edwards and Rafael Chandler.
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