Elven grown-ups are mean!

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The Elven Twins' mom said that goblins are dirty and don't ever play with them.

The Elven Magic school is the best, and they can teach you how to grow the pearlescent towers!


  • Elves built their alabaster bridge over our fishing hole. We'll have to fish under the bridge I guess.

    Ogres are really allergic to bananas.
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    The light from the Spire of the Sun gives my dad a headache.

    Gebble's aunt is great at training rats!
  • Elves put a magic vine fence around the old Master's Keep.

    If you wreck elf magic items, you can make even stronger dark magic items if you've got spare lead to boil.
  • Jubby was playing with an elf boy until Jubby's dad came and pulled him into the caves. Jubby's grounded for a month!

    The fish men are scared of Elven stuff, so it's easier to go along the shore.
  • Mom is scared. I'm not sure what she was talking about but she says they're going to "push back the darkness" again.

    Some Elven swords will fight for you even if you don't touch them!
  • Ever seen Elves on Gryphonback? I'd like to fly like that but Dad says that the dragons are all gone.

    They say if you necromancy a mole it will always dig a hole to a safe place. You just have to follow the hole.
  • Necromancy is punishable by death if the elves catch you.

    Orcs will hunt with us if you let them boss you around a bit.
  • Hunting unicorns, once a rite of passage, can now only be done on moonless nights.

    The noble Elvish academy teaches us about the higher philosophical implications of the existence of the soul (which the soulless Dark creatures living over yonder have been proven not to possess, so says Master Luliawen).
  • Be careful when you drink a disappearing potion--it attracts mean spirits!

    The Dwarven priestess has a hammer that can break moon crystals.

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