Rewind: Temporal Tales

Playing with a simple time looping game for one player (solo or lone player.) If you're curious, here's the latest draft. Always looking for feedback, good or bad.


  • Version 0.4 with some tweaks and an annotated play through example.
  • Well, I loved All You Need is Kill, so yeah this is definitely something I think is cool! The timeline map in particular is really neat!

    I'm not sold on the resolution system. The "Yes, and" down to "No, and" scale is cool, but not a fan of "count up all your advantages, then subtract all your disadvantages, then add that to the roll". It tends to promote a "going down the list" approach in my experience. I tend to better favor things like the Cortex Plus approach: each asset is represented by a die, and you roll a die for each asset and add the two highest, but any roll of "1" means a complication shows up.

    Another thing I've noticed in all the time-loop stories I've come across is the importance of, for lack of a better term, lynchpins. Part of the story is figuring out which people are central to the time-loop, and why they're essential. It starts to become clear that certain people are really important to it.

    Is there a clear criteria to use when determining how a loop ends? I think it might be interesting to have that more hard-baked into the rules.
  • First off, thanks for giving it a look. Yeah, I'm on the fence about hard-baked rules for rewinding since there are so many stories and ways to do it. I probably need to expand the "Why" question to include rules for each given game.
  • edited January 2016
    Version 0.6 for those that are curious. I'm pretty happy with this one and don't see any more changes until more play testing is done.
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