Indie Games eXplosion at Dreamation 2016 - Morristown, NJ February 18-21

There will be an Indie Games eXplosion at Dreamation in Morristown, NJ on February 18-21, 2016. More than sixty sessions of amazing indie RPGs are currently featured with more being added every day!

All are welcome to attend. We are still accepting event submissions!

If you want to run two or more sessions of your favorite indie RPG, you can get a free badge. Just fill out this form by Friday, January 22.

For an overview of what to expect as a player or GM for the Indie Games eXplosion, see this Timeline.

Check out what games are currently on the schedule!

Please contact our Gmail account with questions: indiegamesexplosion

Apologies for the late notice, Story Gamers. I thought I had posted over here, but evidently hadn't.

Hope to see you in February!


  • This lineup looks really great. Thanks for doing the hard work of organizing, Michael!
  • Thanks so much for posting this. There's nothing quite as anxiety-provoking as trying to figure out what events I want to sign up for while I'm looking up event numbers four days before the con starts. I feel like the more leisurely pace this affords me will save me a lot of trouble.
  • Glad to help. The final schedule might shift a bit due to room availability, but we're usually pretty close.

    Still time to submit events!
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