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I made a thing. I'm continuing to work on my PbtA prep stuff. This time inspired by the first 20 minutes of Half-Life.

(Edit: better resolution, same bad handwriting) HL.png?dl=0


  • Good stuff, Ry! (Although VERY hard to read.)

    Years ago I made a fun Half-Life-inspired con scenario and ran it a couple of times, which was tons of fun.

    How do you intend to use this in play? Could you give a sort of "guide" for someone wanting to replicate your process?
  • Yeah between my handwriting & the resolution it's quite tough.

    Ideally this would be part of a set - about 4 would be a short evening session and a couple dozen would be a scenario.

    These are to be used as GM moves in PbtA games. The left hand side is a grab bag (nice stuff at the top, neutral at the bottom) but the right side is all about adding pressure (increasing pressure down and to the right, where you're dying of radiation poisoning)
  • Another way of thinking about it: what if Apocalypse World had a monster manual?
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