Godbound: Review + Actual Play

Hi, folks. Here is my review and actual play for Godbound: A Game of Divine Heroes. I haven't been so excited about a game for a while.



  • Great write-up! This game sounds really cool. Honestly, "celestial backstory + badass characters + D&D system + OSR" did not sound good to me at first. But then you got into some of the particulars, and my takeaway is that this system really excels in imbuing character actions with thematic flavor. The way Words function as domains for both fixed and freeform powers sounds really appealing to me, and the quick spends vs long-term spends for Effort and Influence foster a pretty neat relationship between characters and their endeavors. I especially love how Dominion and Influence measure the amount of larger world-influencing you can do passively, effectively pursuing your vision on a wider scale while you're busy adventuring and fighting. And the Mob-smacking rules make it clear that fights aren't about grinding through trading sword strokes with anyone who has a sword. It sounds like it adds up to a very setting-interactive "change the world" style of play, which I love. (In my mind, this is kinda the opposite of OSR play, which I identify with expendable dungeon-crawlers. World-changing certainly fits better with celestial badassery!)

    To me, your actual play account of the fight arcs sounds somewhat typical of swingy dice arbitration managed into satisfying climactic shape by good GMing, but the color is fantastic -- sun miracles in a clash of armies! Also, the villager-wrangling really stands out to me. Making city walls and invisible barriers and underground forts, and granting Night blessings and combat skills to regular people? Whoa!

    I would hope that what would happen next would have something to do with this part of the world uniting under the banner of the player characters, and then we'd see what impact that has on the larger world...

    I realize I'm guessing a lot here, so I'm happy to be corrected on anything I got wrong!
  • Not the first time someone comments I fudged the dice at the end (probably my players think the same), which is funny because I didn't. :P

    The Dragon God had 2HD left, which is the exact amount of damage Jade inflicted before falling unconscious (there are certain Gifts that allow a character to inflict damage automatically without a roll, and the Dragon God lost his last Effort when Ohtonqui was released, so he didn't have any way to dispell it). Decimus could have taken it down long before that had he not missed his two attacks powered by his most powerful Gift (Loosening God's Teeth, which allows damage rolled to be inflicted straight rather than use the damage table).

    That said, I probably would have fudged the result had they not succeed. xD
  • I played a 1 on 1 session tonight and it was really fun.

    The powers that go with each Word are slick, allowing characters to do cool and fun stuff.
  • And played a first session with a group.


    It is a fun game. I'm interested in playing more.
  • Sounds like you all had a good time. :)
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