[Apocalypse World] Fury Road Dust Storm Move

I'm running a one-shot AW game based on Fury Road and wanted to crowd-source a cool move for the Dust / Lightning Storm the convoy goes through in the movie.

Any ideas?


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    Are you looking for a, "When you ride through the dust storm..." kind of move?

    My instinct would be to make the dust storm into a Front, instead. Expand it, allow it to do different things. Maybe it's a landscape threat, or something like that? Maybe you can only find your way through it if you open your brain.

    In my opinion, it shouldn't be just a "roll the dice and see" situation, but something to really play through.

    [Edit: I missed that you wrote "one-shot", above. I think my advice still holds, though, in a more general sense. What does it want? Who does it hate? What can you offer it? Who his history with it?]
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    Random idea: give everyone 2 Hx during char-gen to spend on one part of the environment. List the parts that you know will feature centrally in your one-shot as the options. Or, with pre-gens, just give someone 2 Hx with open desert, someone 2 Hx with dust storms, etc. Then, when such things are encountered in play, roll +Hx with them.

    Anyway, for a dust storm move, here's my first thought:
    When you are enveloped by a dust storm, roll +Cool. (If not doing +Hx)

    On a 10+, you navigate it much better than anyone else, and can even lead your foes into danger and your friends away from it. Choose 1:
    - Your vehicle is badly damaged and must be repaired to function, but you are alive. Everyone else who entered the dust storm dies.
    - You emerge in fine shape. Your allies survive as well, but their vehicles are badly damaged and must be repaired to function. Your enemies take heavy casualties (figure out some combo of reduced gangs, destroyed vehicles, and Harm to named NPCs).
    - You and your allies emerge in fine shape. Your enemies' vehicles are damaged and you will gain ground while they make repairs.

    On a 7-9, you retain some control in the situation, but only some! Choose 1:
    - You make it through uninjured.
    - Your vehicle makes it through undamaged.
    - You are not lost.
    - You have the opportunity to Help an ally deal with the dust storm.
    - You have the opportunity to Hinder an enemy in dealing with the dust storm.

    On a miss, you and your vehicle are injured and you are at least temporarily lost. Your enemies may be in even worse shape... or they may be poised to finish you off.

    MC, roll this move for each gang or named NPC whose fate was not already determined by the players' rolls.
    This probably isn't efficiently designed at all, but it covers the elements that make the situation interesting to me, and poses the questions I like about when and whether to lead a pursuit into a dust storm.
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