Camp Nerdly 9 -- May 13-15, 2016 -- N. Virginia

May 13-15, 2016 * Prince William Forest Park, VA * $65 all-in

Like gaming? Like camping? Like the woods?

Like loose, informal, relaxed gaming and camping in the woods?

Like helping out, making your own fun, and taking care of others while gaming and camping with around 100-or-so likeminded people? In the woods?

Role-playing games, LARPs, board and strategy games, card games--whatever people want to run. There's even a kid's track this year (but parents have to keep an eye on their kids!).

Camp Nerdly is May 13-15 in Prince William Forest Park, Virginia (near Quantico, just south of DC). It's $65 for a grown-up and that includes a cot in a cabin, all the food, and all the gaming for the entire weekend. There's just a few more weeks left to register!

Camp Nerdly website
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