Fiasco + Kelly Link

We've just released a pretty amazing bundle of stuff - Fiasco, a short story collection by Kelly Link, and a custom playset to connect the two. Kelly is my favorite writer and I'm so pleased to put this together.

For those not already familiar with her work, Kelly Link writes the brilliant, creepy, funny, disturbingly surreal mashups of the fantastic and the ordinary that Salon called “an alchemical mixture of Borges, Raymond Chandler, and ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer.'”

Benjamin Rosenbaum wrote the excellent Stranger Things Happen playset, which provides settings, details, and special rules that set Fiasco in a Linkian world, and ties this bundle together.

The bundle includes a full set of digital files (.pdf, .epub, .mobi) for Fiasco, Kelly’s short story collection Stranger Things Happen, the playset, and finally Rosenbaum’s similarly surreal debut collection, The Ant King. It's pretty cool!


  • Thanks for the suggestion, Jason. I don't follow along with social media so I needed this.
    It'll probably get a while until we get the chance to play Fiasco again but I'll try this one out. I love the name
  • Very interesting!

    I looked up Kelly Link - had never heard of her before - and found a story to read this evening.

    Good stuff! This bundle is even the first thing that pops up on her website.

    Do you know how familiar she is with the gaming scene? Is she a gamer, or just a friendly author, or something in-between?
  • HOLY CRAP! Kelly Link is one of my favorite writers,and her stories are so ridiculously imaginative ... I can barely conceive of how awesome her playset would be. Can I work at that creepy convenience store at the edge of the zombie canyon and own the Specialist's Hat and date the Girl Detective?!
  • …yup, looks like two fives and a six will grant me my wish. Gotta play this ASAP.
  • Let me know how it turns out for you, Snej! I bet it will be a little creepy, a little funny, a little mysterious, a little terrible.
  • This just made me think:

    Has anyone done a Welcome to Nightvale playset?

    Could be a good fit...
  • I'm barely resisting this as I have Fiasco and Stranger Things Happen. It's difficult though; I adore Link's work and running things in the Ausible Chasm or with a world in an old handbag could be pretty awesome.
    I do wonder if it'll be fine hosting it for people without any prior Link knowledge. Selling it as something almost Night Vale-ish might work.
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