Internal Family Systems mechanics?

Does anyone know of a game whose mechanics are based in / influenced by the ideas of Internal Family Systems?

Basics of the model: everyone's mind can be usefully modeled as being made of parts, each of which is like a person with one of four types of personalities. The Self, a compassionate creative good and wise part; Exiles, like little traumatized children almost always hidden; Firefighters, the explosive protectors of anything that might harm an exile; and Managers, the strategic protectors of exiles, who try to take over the Self. All parts want to help; only a well-developed Self can actually help without very negative side effects.


  • Sort of "Inside Out, The Roleplaying Game"? ;)

    I dimly remember a game where the players were all pieces of the personality of one PC, who is I think a space traveler, so they all have to reach consensus on any action s/he performs...
  • Was it fun?

    It sounds like a tricky thing to pull off...
  • I haven't played it, just read the rules once.
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