The Wildlings

Im going to run a The Wildlings for my 10yo and his mates this weekend.

Is there any GM material?

For instance, under what circumstances would a player 'open your heart to the wild'?

what about 'going into danger'?

how would being good or bad at 'implement a clever plan' be applied?

any other advice?



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    game report: tried a test game with my two sons (10 and 8). The summary is they loved it (their first RPG!)

    The spirit animal character generation really captured their imaginations.

    quick summary - their job was hunting for an important festival. The GM tasked one with taming an animal pet and the other with finding a valuable item. They happened upon a monstrous boar but rather kill it, they managed to calm it by feeding it berries and eventually it became tamed, earning a mark. They camped at a pile of stones made from a broken ancient building, and a storm came scaring the boar - it burrowed vigorously into the shale, exposing the entrance to a tomb where one player found a runed bone fetch, earning his mark. They hunted a deer and came back to the village, victorious, one riding his boar which reminded the wise women of tales told of an ancient hero.

    Im not sure about 'cleverly' and 'helpfully' as those seem to be better suited to player narration of their actions.

    What about 'cautiously' which implies harm minimization? I know there is 'carefully' but that could be more about avoiding mistakes.

    I might try tweaking the rules a bit so that the players state 2 tags as part of their intent (3 seems a bit of a reach), and then the rolls take those away such as:

    10+ all good, happens as tagged
    7-9 player decides which of their tags doesnt happen - success, with minor complication (presumably related to the tag that didnt happen)
    4-6 neither tag applies, success with significant complication
    1-3 dilemma - GM offers choice of success with major complication, or failure.

    I think stating the entirety of the intent first, with the downgrading later, is more natural and flows better.

    Anyway, Ill give the above a go, and report back

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    Had another short session with the kids.

    Im not sure stating the adjectives up front is a good idea any more. They tend to be used as a substitute for inventive narration. "I attack him forcefully and quickly" gets pretty old.

    I suppose it would help if I followed the PDF advice and asked the kids to elaborate on the tags they choose, which is the reason they are there, I now realise - to be a seed to kickstart their imaginations.

    We did a few combats which I struggled with. There are no hit points which is fine, but that makes it hard to define partial success, and I find all or nothing combat a bit anti-climactic. Perhaps I need just need to get over that.

  • Have you read all the previous S-G threads about the Wildlings? There have been all kinds of house rules and suggestions; perhaps one or another might be useful to you!
  • no, I havent but I will, cheers
  • Sorry, I don't have to dig them up myself, but there have been lots of good thoughts addressing your various questions in there, and not all that many threads!
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