[Our Last Best Hope]: The Killer Asteroid

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Done some prep for a "Our Last Best Hope" solo game, but have some misgivings about some characters. Looking to maybe tighten things up with some feedback.

I had some random input in setting these up, but most of it sprang from one roll that made Brett Mah seem religious. It kinda set a tone for the zeitgeist; a sort of religion vs science type of undercurrent in the interactions between the team's interpersonal relationships.

There are some elements I am on the fence about, like Dr. Corey's past with an airhead, muscle-bound boy toy. It makes her seem a bit of a maverick, but at the same time, she comes across as quite intelligent and confident (if poignant). Shacking up with a "mimbo" (a male bimbo) seems to undermine her intelligence to me.

There's also Brett Mah, who originally was going to be Catholic, but I ended up making Buddhist in order to make it clash with his secret (he killed an animal belonging to an endangered species in a hunting trip). The clash is inspired by The Walking Dead's "all life is precious" Zen philosophy of a character. I see him and Dr. Guerra having a nice harmony as she is sort of a seeker.

My only problem is him being Buddhist & Asian and I don't want to turn him into a "Confucious say" stereotype inadvertently when he says something about his religion (specially with Sr. Guerra). I don't want to change his ethnicity though.

Dr. Guerra I'm pretty satisfied with.

Any feedback on these is appreciated, particularly the elements I pointed out. Let me know if you like them as is, or maybe suggest ways to fix them.


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