Has anyone played A Song of Ice & Fire RPG by Green Ronin

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If you have played ASOIAF RPG, how did it play? Strengths? Drawbacks? How would you characterize it? Is the social combat meaningful or is it just number crunching? Any details would be very much appreciated :-)


  • I have played it for a couple of sessions.
    It is a somewhat crunchy trad game. That in itself is both a strength and drawback, I suppose.
    In the end I thought it was too much work for too little story. We invested time into the mechanics, but they didn't return cool stuff in proportion to the effort.
    Please don't ask me to summarize the mechanics, it has been quite some time since we played it.
  • My experience is limited because the game proper is way too crunchy for me to get my head around. I am extremely crunch-averse these days.
    The house generation system is a fun little mini-game in itself, and that's the only part of it I've used directly. The core book and supplements make great sourcebooks to be used with a lighter system and that's what I've used them for.
  • Thanks to both of you; I'm crunch adverse as well so it's probably not a good fit :)
  • I played half a campaign and most players in our group loved it. Granted, we didn't went too deep into the rules and our DM handled most of the mechanics.

    -Yes, system is somewhat complex, having a facilitator is a must.
    -If at least one person in the table hasn't read the books or watched the series, you are probably better playing a low-level OSR D&D campaign. Not that you can't use this rpg for that, but if you're already familiar with D&D, why bother?
    -Min-maxers optimizing for combat will most probably resort to violence and ALWAYS win unless GM takes off the gloves and goes for the kill. If you want an experience closer to the reference material, rule out min-maxing and tell everybody to make characters balanced forwill have to both play on social and combat scenes,

    -System feels quite realistic and lethal, scratches heal fast, for everything else you need a maester, so getting seriously hurt is really scary. Armor works in a funny way too.
    -We measured up our combat maxed characters against the setting heavyweights. I even got to try a mock training battle against Jaime Lannister and Sandor Clegane (at different times, just one-on-one) and managed to knock them out both despite suffering some heavy damage. Seems using a mace and a couple of related feats is overkill, as long as you stay on your feet after the first attack.
    -Archers are overkill too, our party took on several hard challenges with just two archers, me and my squire. I usually went to meet whoever we were fighting up front, negotiated a little and our archers took'em out, usually before I got to hit anything.
    -House building rules are fun.
    -It isn't really as crunchy as 5e D&D or PF, from the players side. DM mostly needs to get the gist of the dice-rolling.
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