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  • Hi, Tam! I'm fascinated by solo rulesets. Got links to your stuff?

    Hi, Emanuele! What is HEMA?
  • Hey, thanks for asking, @Adam_Dray (hope I did that right). My site's here, katamoiran rpgs. None of it is revolutionary but the process has been a lot of fun!
  • Frank Filz here. I've been around here for a long time, though I never got very deep into "story games," instead mostly living in old school traditional games land. On the other hand, I'm with those folks who still include those games as "story games". I'm not opposed to pulling in some of the techniques expressed in story games.

    My top list of games would be Original D&D, Traveller, RuneQuest, and Burning Wheel. Torchbearer is also in there.

    Most of my gaming these days is play by post (OD&D and Traveller) with a weekly Roll20/Google Hangouts Traveller game (that seems to be settling out to be a 1 on 1).

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    Adam, HEMA stands for Historical European Martial Arts.
    It's quite a broad term, but at its core it means reconstructing how to fight with historical weapons, basing the teachings on historical treatises as much as possible.
    Most of HEMA is unarmoured sword fighting (for choice of interest, practical reasons, and also because most historical treatises we have are about that).
    In my club we study longsword, sidesword, Italian rapier and Italian duelling sabre.

    Here are some examples of sparring, just to get an idea of how a sword duel could look like:
    rapier and dagger
    sword and buckler
    sword and shield
    in plate armour

    I think it's quite easy to realise that RPG combat rules that try to simulate blow-for-blow are doomed to fail; a more abstract approach can actually lead to - or at least allow - a more realistic narration.

    There also also a lot of misconceptions, some of which could be easily fixed, some not, for example:
    • "you need strength to use a longsword": it weighs about 1.5kg, strength is always useful in a fight (and grappling is always an option) but what you need most is training first, and then dexterity
    • "you need dexterity to use a bow": here you actually need a lot of strength: a longbow could have a draw of 70kg!
    • "dagger vs. longsword have equal chance to hit, but the longsword delivers more damage": a stab with a dagger would kill you just like a thrust with a sword, but hitting with a short weapon against a long one is much more difficult
    • "arming swords are heavy and rapiers are light": they both weigh about 1kg or slightly more
    • "armoured fighting is like unarmoured fighting, it's just more difficult to cut":
      mail and plate armours are impossible to cut; fighting in plate armour involves a lot of grappling, breaking joints, and stabbing through the gaps, or specialised weapons like maces, hammers and pollaxes
    • "war hammers and axes are huge": actually they are quite small
    • etc.
    Maybe one day I'll write a blog post about this stuff.

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    I've noticed those things, too! Thanks for a nice list of great examples.

    Reading accounts of duels (when you can find them) is quite illuminating. It sounds like - for example - a fight between two armoured knights would often end in a long grapple on the ground, until one knight got exhausted enough that the other could stick a dagger through an exposed spot (like the armpit).

    If you're into talking about this stuff, a new thread might be quite interesting to people here!

    Edit: In fact, I'll copy your post into an old thread I started. Perhaps it will start some chatter.
  • Hey, I'm Cam Banks, I design and develop roleplaying games. My day job is RPG director at Atlas Games, overseeing all tabletop RPG production for the company. After hours I have my own game company, Magic Vacuum Design Studio, which is how I'm producing the Cortex Prime RPG system based on all of my work at Margaret Weis Productions: Supernatural, Demon Hunters, Smallville, Leverage, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Firefly, etc.

    I'm originally from New Zealand but now I live in Saint Paul, MN. It's fine here.
  • Hi, my actual name is Jennifer or Jenny for short.
    I do currently live in Germany, Baden-Baden, not to far away from the Black Forest. Though in the past I lived in Belgium, and before that in a different part of Germany.

    Hm, in regards of tabletop role-playing games I have a great focus on White Wolf and Vampire the Masquerade. Following those topics for any and all information and happily interacting with it. Like running the pre-alpha playtest a lot, attending various kind of LARPs and stuff.

    In regards of story games, I do like Powered by the Apocalypse. Specially Dungeon World. I am as well a fan of Tenra Bansho Zero, which basically brought me to this forum.
    I do play and like other games as well. Like Dungeons and Dragons 5E or various more OSR-y stuff.

    In general I guess am most well known for the crowdfunding collections. As I am ever since the V20 companion Kickstarter a fan of crowdfunding, wished for a comprehensive list of all tt projects, well and as there were none, I decided to be the change I like to see.
    Next to that I blog about stuff I find interesting. Like Actual Play, V5 news and stuff. ^^;

    Safe from the role-playing games I am a normal database admin and do like to travel, as well as I usually try to learn new languages.
  • Hi everybody! My name is Bill White; I am a college professor, GM, and game designer. I'm currently working on a supplement for Fate Core called the Fate Space Toolkit as well as a book about the Forge tentatively titled This Is Not the Internet: RPG Design & Publication Discussion Online at the Forge, 2001-2012. Lately, I've been having a good time running Traveller and Dungeon World, and I'm figuring out Michael S. Miller's With Great Power Master Edition, based on Swords without Master. I am also pretty keen on Torchbearer, Blades in the Dark, and Dungeon Crawl Classics.
  • Welcome back, Bill! Nice to have you here "on site".

    This sentence confused me:
    I'm figuring out Michael S. Miller's With Great Power Master Edition, based on Swords without Master.
    What's that? Is one game really based on the other, and wouldn't that require time travel?

    I'd also love to hear about your book, if youre willing to share (we could make a new thread).

  • The second edition of WGP uses a completely different system than the first.

    A new thread about the Forge retrospective would be very helpful, actually. I'm not sure where to begin; ask me anything!
  • Hi y'all! My name is Travis Heldibridle a.k.a. "Hildy." Gaming has been the source of almost everything positive in my life. I lived in a bad neighborhood, but gaming kept me off the streets at night. I wanted to draw my characters, got good with a pencil and went to a vocational school for art. I got a computer to play MUD's and chat with other gamers on IRC, and found my aptitude for technology which lead to a career as a defense subcontractor (I also met my girlfriend of 19 years on IRC, so there's that).

    I'm as passionate about the hobby, at 41, as I was when I was 16. More, actually, because the games have become so much more than what they used to be. Games like Fate, Apocalypse World, and Blades in the Dark dare you to get together with friends and conjure a world. I *love* that.

    I've not really done anything notable in the industry, yet. I have aspirations of developing a hack/game but haven't hit on the idea I think is worth sharing yet.

    When I'm not gaming or being political on social media, I mess around with InDesign, browse fonts, or cook. Cooking is zen.
  • What an awesome introduction! Welcome.
  • Hey I'm new here. I'm an indie games developer. Just poking my nose around here to see what's up and get some advice along the way.
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    Hi, I'm Kate. I've been lurking on here for years now, but want to be more active so I figured I'd say hi. I'm from Seattle, work in software, and hang out on the periphery of the Story Games scene here.

    I really enjoy GM-less games (Microscope, Follow, Fiasco) but have recently started to see the appeal of GM-led ones, even running a game of Blades in the Dark for my friends.

    I'm a closet game designer but haven't published anything story-games-related yet aside from an Android app to play Avery Alder's wonderful The Quiet Year. I'm currently working on a game about travelling and hope to have something for people to alpha test in the next week or so.
  • Welcome, you two!
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    Hi, I'm Michael. I've followed the Story Games Forum for a while but I couldn't get the log-in to work for comments. Now it does, so here I am.

    I play a lot of PbtA games, and post-PbtAs like Blades in the Dark. I also play plenty of Burning Wheel HQ games (most recently Mouse Guard) and GM-less games (most frequently Fiasco and Kingdom).

    I dabble in design and I'm interested in writing more small rpgs.
  • Hey! I am a game designer and musician from Olympia, WA. I run a publishing company called Heart of the Deernicorn
  • Hello, I am new too.
    I am an old player from France, started around 1983, took it easier from 1995. I followed some of the Forge's debates as a bystander. Lady Blackbird showed me it was possible to get more of what I liked from RPG. So I made a game of my own, and here I am, looking for spare parts, ideas, and opinions.
    I intend to promote my game more than once, but will pay my respect to the forum first, lurking for the opportunity to advertize.
  • I've played rpgs for around 15 years, but only started exploring all of what they have to offer 5 years ago or so. I've been reading a lot, and playing not nearly enough. Starting up playing with my old group again, but also looking to start another local group with people who want to explore more different types of rpg's.

    I enjoy spending time thinking and reading about rpg design and theory, hope to contribute what I can from my own experience and ask questions relevant to my own interests in design too.

    I've been lurking here for 2 years or so, great reading!
  • Hello,

    My name is Nikolaj and I'm from Belgium. I also have a beard.
    I got into DnD with 3.0/3.5 when I was about 15 or 16 years old but have quickly deviated to other rulesets. Either rules that are incredibly simple, like Risus or Roll For Shoes, since as a primary school teacher I like to once in a while use a short simple game in my lessons. To be even more unconventional, I teach Protestant religion. This combo seems to be rather unusual. I also like rules that reward story or character play, like FATE.

    Thank you for allowing me on the forums.
  • Welcome, everyone!
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    Hi again, y'all! I'm Tod Foley, aka As If Productions. This is an updated version of my Hello World post.

    I run a free searchable database of indie games at fictioneers.net. I'm the author of various RPGs and game supplements including CyberSpace, DayTrippers, Other Borders, as well as the upcoming SF anthology and system-agnostic near-future setting UbiquiCity. You can find my games at Drivethru and RPGnow.

    I'm also a freelance web developer (portfolio), and an editor of fiction, nonfiction and game designs (rates and credits). If you need any of the above services, don't hesitate to contact me. Mention SG and I'll give you the "friends discount"!
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    My name is Randy. I have played roleplaying games for nearly 30 years, and met my wife (a game designer!) playing Dungeons & Dragons. I live in Oregon, and love gaming. I am currently playing Shadowrun and running Iron Kingdoms, and play pickup games of Fiasco as often as possible. My wife is the designer of Storm Hollow: A Storyboard Game.
  • Welcome !
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    Hello, I'm Graham, but because there are other Grahams here, you can call me mad. On these forums the name refers to being crazy, not angry. On non-RPG forums...?

    I've been a part of this community for around a decade now, which makes me feel old. I'm working on a PhD dissertation that explores RPG genres created by The Forge and its diaspora (which includes Story Games).

    I design a lot of games, too, but I've read that these forums are no longer the place to go for design advice. Nonetheless, it doesn't hurt to ask. I'm the designer for Metropole Luxury Coffin, Spirited and Terribly Beautiful, just to name a few.

    I've played something north of a hundred RPGs, and will be playing a new one tomorrow. Gone are the days of multi-year, or even multi-session, campaigns. I miss those days, but everyone's so busy.
  • Welcome (back), Graham (mad)!

    As far as I know, there's absolutely no reason not to discuss design here. In fact, we do so fairly often.
  • Hello! I am Miguel.

    I started playing roleplaying games about 2 years ago. A friend of mine had been wanting to try it for a while and for his birthday, his wife organized a D&D gathering with all his friends that were interested. It was supposed to be a one-shot, but we all enjoyed it and continued playing on a monthly basis.

    Anyway, eventually I had to relocate and ended up in Rockland county in NY, about 45min north of NYC, and over here, I found through Meetup a group that plays Story Games on a weekly basis. And after looking into it, it seemed very appealing as the games seemed to have more of the stuff I liked such as a creative outlet and a shared narrative experience and less of the combat and complicated rules that always seemed to interrupt the story. It was in June when I went to this Story Game meetup for the first time... and I have been hooked. I always look forward to it.

    We play a different game each week, and it is always a different experience. I love it!

    Currently, my favorite games so far have been Follow, Microscope, Downfall, Kaleidoscope, The Final Voyage of The Selene... and I look forward to playing more games as I delve deeper into the hobby.
  • Wonderful! Welcome. It's always nice to hear new gamers being introduced to the hobby and discovering some of the more oddball games we tend to discuss here.
  • Hey everyone, I’m Daniel and I play roleplaying games. Not as much as I’d like, but more than I did just a year ago.

    I’m currently infatuated with Apocalypse World. Obsessed even. I’m having trouble even imagining playing anything very different from it.
  • Welcome to you. AW is a very good game it seems. But checking AsIf's list can give you an idea of the hundreds of games you will miss if you insist on sticking to AW only.
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    Hello! My real name is Billy but out of habit I use this chunky screen name. I'm from Canada and right now I am a grad student.

    I ended up here from Ben Robbins' blog a few months ago and was really impressed by all the interesting conversations that were going on. So I stuck around and kept reading things. Then I started posting a bit and so I realized I should introduce myself.

    In terms of my RPG background, I started out with D&D and still play it regularly (Pathfinder with a long-running group and 5e with a more recently formed group). The last couple years I've been pretty interested in the OSR movement. I'm especially drawn to the experimental, DIY attitude. So lately I've been running and playing lots of little one-shots with whatever friends and family I can rope into playing with me, trying out different systems and concepts I've been thinking about.

    I don't have that much experience with story games proper, of the kind where there is no GM and no scenario prepared. If anything I am a little intimidated by them... the one time a friend and I tried playing one (it was A Single Moment), the game fizzled out after the first scene because we were struggling too much to come up with good ideas. But I suspect that with some more practice, this kind of story game is exactly the sort of thing I would enjoy. So that is also part of why I am hanging around this board, looking for more wisdom and insight.
  • (Billy, where are you in Canada? I'm in Toronto.)
  • I'm in Ottawa.
  • Hi, I'm Emma.
    I'm not sure what to say, because I'm never sure what to say.
    I played trad games in a storygame style without knowing actual devoted storygames were a thing that exists for a long time before getting into storygames through Jenna Moran's work in the past year or so.
    And then I quickly jumped into 100% abandoning trad games, because storygames made my group and I realize how much unnecessary work we had to do to make trad games work the way we wanted, which is all work that storygames just kind of do by base, especially our favorite, Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine.
  • Welcome, Emma! There's been a lot of discussion about trad games and trad gaming styles lately, and how they've relate to "modern" designs or "story games". Your viewpoint on this topic is very welcome!
  • Hello folks,

    I'm Hans. I love games! I've been playing RPGs since high school (1994?) and have always enjoyed the story the most. The evolution of story games is super exciting and fun to me.
    Hoping to talk about games and hear others' opinions here. I'm always looking for ideas about mechanics and how to engage play in interesting ways.
  • Hi Everyone.
    Names Jay and I'm part of FeralGamersInc a loose collective of Roleplayers creating games and so forth. Been a lifelong RPG'er and play a lot of different games, always seeking feedback and advice to make the games we do better, also always happy to help others with Layout, proofreading and collaborations.

    So thanks for letting me join and I look forward to getting to know you all better.

  • Hey hey hey~~ Tom, here.

    I've wanted to try RPGs for a good long while, and recently (6 months or so) started playing with the D&D Starter Set. A friend of mine used to play, so he took up the mantle of DM and we started playing with my brother and a couple of other friends.

    Within a couple of sessions, I wanted to run my own game. I learned FAE (I wanted a simpler, more story-focussed game). Then I created my own world, and ran a story. It was a bit all over the place--new system, new story, new GM--but overall we had some fun.

    From there I started designing my own RPG, "Prompt", using some ideas from FAE but putting a lot more emphasis on the characters and story.

    And that brought me to the internets, and finally here. Looking forward to working with you all~~!
  • Welcome, Tom! I read through "Prompt" and left you some notes. I hope you stay a while; we've been light on design-talk for a while, and it will be great to get into that mode again.
  • Hi, new folks! Welcome!
  • Hello, folks!

    I'm Ygor, a game designer from Brasil. I've been working with electronic games for 7 years now, but I've been playing RPGs for the last 20. Always liked tinkering and writing tabletop games, never really committing myself to fully finish or share them.

    Love talking about it, though ;)
  • Hello, and welcome.
    Easy way to share : copy your files online and post a link with one line about the feedback you want or don't want.
  • Hi, I'm Jon.
    I write runagame.net
    I've run Dungeon World and Fate, plus a ton of trad RPGs. I've played Uncharted Worlds, Apocalypse World, and Dungeon World in PbtA. I've played Fiasco, Microscope, and a ton of other storygames. I've written, run, staffed, and played many LARPs. I'm finishing up a Fate campaign, running D&D, and preparing to run The Sprawl right now.
  • Ello! I'm Kyle! Nice to meet you!

    I am a real human being that is not an alien monster. But if I were an alien monster, then I would be nice and caring and lonely and in need of friendship. But I'm not.

    I'm new to story games as a concept. I'm new to the tabletop community (I've only started playing over the past year), but I noticed a lack of interesting experiences at the D&D table. I'm not entirely sure if it's just me, if people view RPGs differently, or what, but I think putting the focus on narrative might help me enjoy RPGs. I think. I have no idea what I'm doing, so here's my current views on roleplaying, because I'm flustered and don't know what to type:

    I'm not a die-hard "roleplaying is for the message!" kind of beast, but I'm conscious of the messages in media. I don't think games can "opt out" of having a narrative; people read into things, whether you want them to or not. I don't think recognizing narrative will make games less fun; if anything, it makes games more fun. When you can, beyond any doubt, know that the villain needs to be stopped, that the plot isn't a huge contrivance, that the fiction world full of entirely fictional people has real value, then it makes the experience valuable. You can leave the table and be better prepared for the years ahead, not by avoiding the stressers in your life, but by confronting and overcoming them. And no, I don't believe in catharsis, in the sense that "venting" by beating up monsters 1) won't remove the source of stress, and 2) will cause that stress to pile back even harder. And I don't know about you, but I don't approve of innocent monsters getting slaughtered. That's just mean.

    On the flip side, roleplaying can make otherwise indigestible lessons more tolerable. You can experience personal struggles that hit close to home as an elven ranger from the untamed wilds, explore grand philosophical questions while light years away from home, find disturbing parallels to reality in an ancient fantasy empire. You can even talk RPG design while pretending to be a passive-aggressive alien. Not that anyone does that. I mean, they'd have to be a real weirdo.

    What else...I'm working on a universal RPG. Nothing earth-shattering; I realize the games market is saturated, so I'm designing for the fun. I think there's some universal themes that can be best demonstrated with universal mechanics. Stuff like combat being inherently unfair, character growth not always being positive. Again, nothing earth-shattering, but I'm fine with that. And there's something fun in designing mechanics for every possible use case. What if the player characters are insects? Kaiju? Middle aged? What if they're middle aged insect kaiju? These are incredibly important questions we should be asking our players.

    Wow, this post got out of hand. I think that about covers it. Look forward to seeing you around!
  • Wow, welcome!

    What a delightful introduction.

    (And you are entirely correct about alien monsters, of course.)
  • Hello! I have been around for ages but thought I might as well do a refresher introduction.

    I'm Michael Sands, author of Monster of the Week, Three Dooms, and a few things that aren't finished yet.

    I like playing games, mainly. I only design things so I can play them.

    Based in Wellington, New Zealand, a town full of cool other rpg players.
  • Hi, Michael! LTNS.
  • Hi ! I'm Gulix ! Also known as Nicolas by my parents ...

    I'm a french gamer, and I'm also a RPG creator / translator.

    Wants some more ? Well, I'm also a miniature gamer (Pulp City / Blood Bowl).
    I'm in the organisation of a RPG convention.

    I like games that can be played in one-shot (or are designed to), cause my gaming schedule is not regular. I've become fond of Swords Without Master. I also like the "Powered by the Apocalypse" games (Monster of the Week, Dungeon World, The Sprawl ...)

    I've discovered the One-Page RPG fashion and tried so myself. Last year, I've participated in three creation contests (french Game Chef, Thrice-Forged and 200-word).

    I'm coming here because the discussions (that I'm following from some months) are often interesting. Thanks !
  • Hi there, @Gulix - welcome to my favorite lounge on the Internet!
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