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  • Hi there!

    I'm John, a Brooklyn based game player.

    To fulfill my need for gaming I started an audio series, a one-shot story game show, so now I play a story game at least every other week.

    My trade for the past twenty years has been animation. I put together show pitches and develop content, but I've never tried my hand at a story game. I need to correct that.

    I came here to discuss and discover the various approaches to playing and designing games.
  • Be welcome.
  • Hello! My name is Tyler, I’m a game player and (up until now) an on-again/off-again game writer. Currently looking forward to an upcoming move from the Pacific Northwest in the States to Northern England, and trading out a career in IT and customer service for writing and making tabletop games full-time.

    After a long while lurking, I’m looking forward to engaging in conversation about game systems, creating mechanical benefits for good role-play, and finally creating a non-violent fantasy RPG.
  • Welcome! Are you familiar with any of the existing non-violent RPGs? There are a bunch of interesting ones.
  • Welcome! Are you familiar with any of the existing non-violent RPGs? There are a bunch of interesting ones.
    Only a few! I’d love to hear recommendations if you have them.
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    Sure. Do you want to limit yourself to games which specifically have content which excludes violence? Or are adventure games which don't include it by default also good?

    I'd start by checking out Kagematsu, Imagine, and Emily Care Boss's games like Breaking the Ice and Shooting the Moon. Archipelago and The Murder of Mr Crow (oddly enough!) could be of interest to you, too.

    Since you're familiar with PbtA, you might enjoy my game The Bureau (although it could he played with violence, I suppose).
  • Thanks @Paul_T! I’ll be sure to check those out. For me, it’s less about strictly no violence in games, and more about being thoughtful about when/why violence is included as a solution to in-game problems.
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    Ah! Well that widens the field considerably.

    Here's a link to The Bureau, by the way:


    Start a thread asking for recommendations and you'll get dozens!
  • hi everyone.

    I am a guy, my name is danny, I live in the uk. please excuse my spelling.

    I like games, all sorts, like roleplaying games, story games, videogames, or board games, or card games, or anything like that.

    I really like it when a game is experimental, and really streaches out what games are, and how games should work.

    I am new to the whole roleplaying scene. I always knew about these kinds of games, but i could never really play them because you need a bit of bravery to ask some people you know to sit down and play this wierd thing that you like, and i never had that as a kid.

    I have recently mananged to ask some people to play games with me, and they seemed to have a good time. Everyone was really creative and wonderful, and we did a small dnd campaign together.

    Next I am planning to build a mod of Apocolypse World with my gaming group. I am looking at 'Simple World' and i just want to have fun and be spontanious- see what happens. The first worldbuilding and character stuff, and probably a bit of play will happen in a month and i am really excited, just trying to prep without prepping.

  • I am a guy, my name is danny, I live in the uk. please excuse my spelling.
    Hi, danny!

    Don't go putting extra U's in "color" and shit. We hate that.

    It's exciting that you have built a little gaming group! You might look at World of Dungeons, a hack of Apocalypse World and/or Dungeon World. It is super simplified and it might give you ideas.

    If there's something you want to talk about in detail, start a new thread!

    Welcome to Story Games!
  • Hi everyone, name's Trent. Long-time lurker, first-time poster.

    I've been a player in D&D 3E/3.5, D&D 4E, Gamma World, Star Wars Saga, 13th Age, Spirit of the Century, Dresden Files RPG and various Palladium games. I've been a GM for D&D 4E, 13th Age, D&D 5E (playtest), Dragon Age RPG, Apocalypse World, and Blades in the Dark.

    Trying to tip my toes in the game design waters. Happy to learn more!
  • Welcome, Trent!
  • 13th Age! Hi, Trent!
  • Hey all. I'm Longspeak, returning after a long absence. I don't do much Forum stuff, and this had dropped off my radar, especially as gaming has reduced over the years (real life. bleh.) But today someone linked here from Roll20, where I've been trying to get more info gaming lately. Tried my usual name and an ages old password I retired years ago, and here I am. Hafta fix that old password, though...

    I love lighter rules, especially the focused rules found in much of Indie play. But I also love getting to play, and playing with people who already know the rules, so I mostly play more mainstream (if that word even applies) RPGs. World of Darkness, D20 licenses, Star Wars. Trying to revive Everyway on Roll20, but no-one's even heard of it anymore. :/

    Anyway, howdy.
  • Welcome back !
  • Quick re-introduction: I am Jason and I am still here periodically! I am a user researcher and community manager, currently at a company making fitness games using VR. I make a lot of hacks and homebrews for fun. I like funny-shaped dice and I'm also (just slightly) obsessed with playing-card-based RPGs.
  • Hey y'all -- I'm not new here but I finally broke down and bought the domain name of my own name... http://todfoley.com/ is where I'm offering writing, editing and consulting services for fiction, nonfiction, and game designs. Should you be shopping for any such things, I'm a veteran freelancer, and flexibly available.

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    Hi! My name is Peter and I've been reading this forum for a while but have up until recently
    been feeling a bit too "uneducated" to engage in the discussions.

    I'm an indie game developer as of last Christmas when I released a Swedish trad game with indie influences called Fornsaga (that was kickstarted last April).

    Right now I'm very curious about the indie and story game scene and want to explore all there is to experience out there.

    I'm also working on a GM-less game in English, currently in alpha that goes under the name Anno Daemonum. I'm play testing it on Swedish conventions this year. It's sort of a mix between hillfolk, don't rest your head, trollbabe, nemesis and apocalypse world (in that order). However there is a new strive towards making it more influenced by archipelago and Dominion (as in the deck building board/card game).

    Yeah so I hope to have some great discussions on this forum of yours. And thanks for all the inspiration you've given me this far! :)
  • That sounds really interesting, Peter!

    I look forward to hearing more about it.
  • That sounds really interesting, Peter!

    I look forward to hearing more about it.
    Thanks! I will certainly share it here when I'm a bit further in development!
  • Welcome !
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    Hi folks!

    I’m David, an illustrator, graphic designer, writer, and sometime podcaster based in New York. I’ve recently gotten into indie tabletop RPGs & story games, so a friend recommended I make an account on here. I’m hoping to find some new games & systems, learn about game design, and get feedback on some initial attempts at designing tabletop games.

    A bit about my gaming background: I played a bit of D&D 3.5 & 4 at the beginning of college, then didn’t play for about a decade. I started getting back in after listening to The Adventure Zone podcast, and then actually started playing D&D when some boardgaming friends expressed interest in trying 5e.

    From there I started getting into my local gaming store scene a bit, and listening to a whole bunch of tabletop podcasts (some favorites: Adventure Zone, One Shot, Campaign, Join the Party, & NeoScum). While I’ve learned about a lot of other RPGs (mostly from One Shot), my actual play experience is limited to Fantasy Flight Star Wars, Call of Cthulhu, Lasers & Feelings, Everyone Is John, Dungeon World, World Wide Wrestling, and Strange New Worlds. Right now I’m on a bit of a PbtA kick.

    I recently took my first crack at game design with a cyberpunk-themed hack of Lasers & Feelings, available here (I’ll post more about this, as I’m looking for feedback/critique).

    If you want to check out my other work, most of what I do is available here.

    Looking forward to chatting with you fine folks!
  • Hi all, glad to be heard.

    I'm a writer who used to play C of C and cyberpunk back in the 90s. Lost track of RPGs when life took over, but now I'm back in the lands of the real !

    I'm currently working on a Trail scenario which was supposed to be a one shot but has now ballooned to a monster, as well as a new kind of game which, I'm hoping, will blend the best of cyberpunk and Dirk Gently.

    I'll see you in the asylum! Be great to chat from luminaries with advice and friendship to offer :)
  • Welcome.
  • Hi everybody! My name’s Lucian, and I’m a queer gamer & newly sprouted game designer in Brooklyn. I just published my first storytelling game, Dead Friend: A Game of Necromancy, a ritual of memories between a magician and a ghost. I’m currently working on a game based on my grandma’s stories of her grandma bootlegging during Prohibition.

    In the meantime, I’m trying to play as many games as possible for fun and inspiration. Lately I’ve especially enjoyed Bluebeard’s Bride, Deranged, and the ghostlier side of Blades in the Dark.
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    Hello all,

    I'm Mike, a long-time gamer based in the UK.

    I cut my teeth on AD&D and 2nd Edition Runequest but have played many different systems since then. My system of choice is GURPS* for which I created my Saduria gameworld (not completed but available online - Google GURPS Saduria if you're interested). I'm currently looking to convert Call of Cthulhu to run under GURPS because I love the setting but I'm not completely happy with the Chaosium/BRP or d20 system mechanics. I played Trail of Cthulhu but the GM was too mechanics-led and confrontational for the game to work. I'd be happy to give it another shot with a more storytelling-focussed GM.

    In terms of the Robin Laws play style list, I would place myself firmly in the 'Storyteller' style of player, with perhaps the slightest trace of 'Method Actor'. I certainly enjoy fleshing out background as much as actually rolling dice, but don't do voices or full-on immersion.

    Games that interest me but I haven't played include 13thAge and Monsterhearts. As a straight white English male with (slightly) greying hair, exploring the world of queer teenage monster angst at a US high school would certainly push my roleplaying. Given that most of my characters tend to be female anyway, I might even learn something!

    *For those who are wary of GURPS, don't be. Despite being labelled a 'complicated' system it really isn't, with character creation and gameplay being 3d6-based and (IMHO) far more streamlined than, for example, Pathfinder.
  • Welcome to Story-Games!
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    Tanya here.

    As most other people are jumping off this cliff, the first printed table top RPG I played was Advanced Fighting Fantasy back when I was nine years old (I'm now in my mid/late thirties to date things). Nowadays my fave games (off the top of my head) include FreeMarket, Houses of the Blooded, Dog Eat Dog, 3:16, and Fiasco.

    I'm coming back to the Story Games forum after a very busy (and life changing on many fronts) time away. I've missed out on lots of the more recent shiny things that have happened with games of late and so want to pick up on all the new developments. That said I kept a wee eye on releases and tried out the odd demo here and there. Things are settling down for me and so gaming is back on the cards, which led me to reactivate my account. I'm also likely to run some LARP stuff in the near future around Edinburgh/Scotland/Britain.

    Looking forward to the good chat.
  • Welcome back.
  • Hi everyone, I'm Mab.

    I've always been interested in tabletop gaming, but most of the opportunities I had early on were DnD groups that never got past the second session. More recently I got back into the hobby due to shows like RollPlay, The Adventure Zone, and Friends at the Table. Unfortunately I don't have a local group (Long Island) to try more games with.

    The PbtA games were my introduction to the idea of story games, and now I'm kind of obsessed with them. I'm a writer, but my background is in mathematics, so the idea of exploring what makes stories work through different mathematical rule systems is totally fascinating to me. I actually use a lot of GM prep tools in my fiction outlining process now.

    I've run Numenera, Fate Accelerated, and a very brief game of Microscope, and right now I'm running the Mistborn Adventure Game long-distance for some friends once a month. I'm also almost done with version 0 of my own system, inspired by what I considered strengths and weaknesses of the GM experience in those games.

    I'll probably go back to lurking for a bit after this introduction. It's my nature. But I'm really glad I stumbled across this community. You all seem like welcoming, knowledgeable folks.
  • Hello, what do you write?
  • Overall, mostly poetry. But also odds and ends of fantasy and science fiction, which is what I use the game material for. I say odds and ends because I plan more than I actually finish writing :sweat_smile:

    Right now I'm using Sectors Without Number and SWN Revised to flesh out the setting of a space opera-ish idea I have.
  • If you want a reader, give me a link.
  • Cool! Welcome, Mab!
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    Hi everybody!
    I am Fabrizio Botto and I'm Italian. I work as an educator and psychologist.
    I write and conduct Role Playing Games, Storytelling and Shared Narration experiences with recreational, educational and psychological support purposes.

    I read a lot around here and I find this community to be rich of creative and competent people!

    Hope to share thoughts, ideas and work in progress designs soon!

    I also recently uploaded a web page meant to collect some of my stuff: https://fabriziobotto.games
  • Welcome, Mab and Fabrizio!
  • Welcome, Fabrizio. I love "conduct" as a verb for running games!
  • Hi!

    This is my 3rd or 4th intro, but after some searching I think it is my first post in this iteration of the thread.

    I'm a Swedish gamer.

    Currently my interests lie with story games from the period 2004-2009 or so, somewhat story driven OSR and 80's style BRP.

    I don't play as much as I'd like to. But I find ways to pass time in somewhat gaming related activities anyway.

    I host a small podcast called Nordnordost. It used to have a heavy story gaming focus, but it has shifted focus with my interests and now we cover trad and OSR as well.

    I edit a small RPG fanzine called HYDRA, which embraces games and ideas from the period 1968-1989, and games that copy the feeling and style of that era.

    I design games under the label Wilhelm's Games. Games which, for the most part, nobody plays. Though I'm proud of them, I don't care for the marketing and business side of publishing. Designing games is a hobby in itself.
  • Instead of saying that nobody plays them, can you say why they are excellent and put a link to some of them ?
  • He is kidding. He is the most self-promoting game designer I have ever heard of. Just in the other thread today he self-promoted his game OKULT. He likes to joke around that he's humble and doesn't care for marketing etc, and those jokes can be a bit too much sometimes. But he does so much good for RPGs and story games. No-one minds the self-promotion, he's earned it♥.
  • Okult is fabulous.
  • @2097 I'm glad you clarified; I also thought he was serious. Now I'm going to look into his games, because you double-reverse promoted him :wink:
  • Hi!

    My name is Lucas, I'm new here.

    Until recently, I was a quite isolated roleplayer. About a year ago, I made an effort to expand my horizons, by hanging out on forums and talking to other players and creators. So this is a continuation of that project.

    At this point, I'm mostly interested in neotraditional games. I've had a few ventures into more collaborative storytelling games, which have been fun, but so far they've mostly been temporary changes of pace.

    Not a big fan of crunch, arbitrary systems or OSR, though I try to keep an open mind.

    I've tinkered with a bunch of homebrews and hacks throughout the years, but I haven't published anything yet. I also run a conversational roleplaying podcast called Fummelpodden (it's in Swedish).

    Sometimes, I enjoy discussion just for the sake of discussion. And sometimes I say subjective things in a categorical way. I'm working on it, so please tell me if I go out of line.
  • Hello. My name is Joe. I am an author that created SMS Novel, a live interactive novel. I joined the site to learn more about how to improve SMS Novel and also connect with story game lovers. https://www.smsnovel.com/
  • Hi, Lucas! Hi, Joe!
  • Welcome!

    What do you consider a "neotraditional" game?
  • Welcome!

    What do you consider a "neotraditional" game?

    I think of them as traditional in the sense of having separate player/GM roles, skills and abilities, character advancement, etc — while at the same time incorporating elements from "indie" games, such as a clear focus, stronger character portrayal, mechanics for relationships and drives, and such.

    For me, some PbtA and Forged in the Dark games fit into this category.

    I may be way off track, but I've heard the term getting thrown around and I think it can be a quite useful one.

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