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  • I like that! (I don't think it has any clear agreed-upon definition, but my guess would have been something along the lines of what you wrote.)
  • Hi I'm David Lieder. I've created games all my life, mostly on the computer but a few tabletop hex-Civilization-style games. Now I own a small video game development studio called Dragon Space. In the past, my main career in life involved producing albums and audio engineering. Now I write science fiction novels and create mobile apps and games, as well as audiobooks for my novels, and ports of the games over to PC/Mac/Linux and PS4/Xbox.

    I really don't have much of a life outside of that at the moment. But after I publish a few novels I'm trying to finish, and publish the next apps I'm working on, I hope to take a long vacation.

    I've played D&D at different times in my life also. I'm open to collaborations, especially porting table games over to mobile or desktop.

    It's nice to be here.
  • Hi, I'm Scott. I've been a story games member for years, but don't swing by very often. For a while I was a gnome at gnomestew.

    I currently run a weekly Apocalypse World game for friends, D&D weekly for the store (Tomb of Annihilation right now), run or play random storygames for our monthly Roleplaying Meetup, and play in a Pathfinder Skull and Shackles game.
  • Welcome Scott!♥
    Also trying to run Tomb of Annihilation here! 15 sessions in, ZERO progress, just stuck in the jungle in a sort of camp they made because they are lost. Trying to cross some sort of river now. I've replaced like 15% of the encounter table so far, and more is coming, because we've been grinding through this one table for like three months. I love it♥ we play several times per week
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    Im Steven Mathers.

    Ive tried RPG/board/computer game design and development, and Ive settled on board games because its still cottage industry in terms of the volume of work required to finish a game.

    I have a boardgame here I am hopeful will be picked up by a publisher.
    Kingdoms of the crescent moon

    Currently trying to create a "story boardgame" by fusing lessons learned from RPG development and boardgame development into a simple, highly approachable system that will produce compelling fiction in a way that entertains both board game players with no RPG experience and experienced RPG players alike! :-)

    ***clearly insane gibbering and laughter***
  • Welcome Steven!
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    Hi, all. I'm a player. A dreamer. A DM and a game designer. I'm obcessed with making a game that allows new people to experience RP but is also deeply strategic and satisfying for lifetime players. I've completed the combat system, and now I'm trying to learn about light-weight RP mechanics.

    I'm excited to learn from you all!
  • Sounds like a challenge!

  • Hi, my name is Jonatan! I mostly play PbtA games, and I mostly MC/GM. Actually, I mostly don't play at all—a typical year sees something like one mini-campaign of 2–6 sessions and maybe a con game. Since several years, I remember Story Games exists once every few months, read a bunch of threads, and then forget about it again.

    This summer's Stonehell campaign has been a long time in the making: the ideas have been rolling around my head since the Gray Sands days in 2014, and in the years since the times I have checked in here it's mostly been to read OSR-related threads.

    I have a few AW hacks under my belt, but none that I'm working on actively, or even playing (except perhaps the odd con game of Moomin's World). I see myself as a player, GM and homebrew person more than a game designer, but that's probably just impostor syndrome!
  • Hi! I'm machi - longtime player and lurker, fairly new designer. I design action adventure games with lots of character customization. Happy to be part of the community!
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    Heya! My name's Liam, but you can call me Comeau. I'm a fairly new designer who had the luck of coming across lumpley's Apocalypse World during high school, which really helped kickstart my passion for game design.

    I play a lot of PbTA, but my first experiences role-playing were in IRC chats back when I was an immature, prepubescent fart - and, subsequently, trashy high school AD&D 1e . Now I'm 19, and have devoured a lot of material through skimming and bumping into the Story Games community every now & again.

    I tend to design games that are either fairly derivative of the media that I consume; or, once in a blue moon, I come up with some absolutely off-the-wall stuff. That being said, I'm jazzed to be apart of such a stunning community of fellow designers, and I hope to learn lots from you guys!
  • Welcome Machi and Comeau!
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    Here. Or, re-here. I'm Eric.

    Ex-Story Games. Ex-Knife Fight. Sort of Ex-Forge but that's a bit of a stretch. Serial voyeur, game taker, dog robber, raconteur. I've made a few games, nothing playable. Participated in a few Game Chefs. My strong suit seems to be social events and organization as inventor of Snowminton; Marbles, Martinis and Madness; Roughhouse and Nerdbuger. Currently running a quarterly game lab called RPG Roulette. I frequent the Dexcon/Dreamation events. And places less savory. I'm an Aquarius and like long walks on the beach.
  • Welcome back, Eric! =D
  • Aw, man.

    I was really hoping this was a forum for all those people who didn't like long walks on the beach.

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    In 10 years, I've never posted to this thread. Time to fix that, perhaps?

    I'm known as Rafu, which is short for my given name, Raffaele. I'm a human being* from Italy, usually registering as male, sometimes as a princess (though with a beard). Alright, there might be a little bit of vampire to me, or whichever other nocturnal species can interbreed with humans. But mostly human.
    I'm 39. I live in a small town near Florence, in a pretty small apartment, with my chosen human partner - who's into role-playing games too - and our three lovely cats (also ghosts - the literal ghosts of the dead - but we all have those, don't we?). We play a lot of role-playing games! Perhaps we even play too much. I've been playing those since I was 10, but the quality and quantity of play I get have both improved over the years. We also enjoy having friends over for dinner parties and the like, which we do as often as possible, but not as regularly as we play games.

    Unsurprisingly, I also design games (well, we both do). I've been doing so since I was 11, I reckon, but I'm afraid I haven't managed to get much of my work [self-]published yet, much less design anything people might have heard of.

    Role-playing games apart, I hold a degree in, uh, not particularly useful stuff that I love (old stuff, Japanese stuff). I used to be able to speak Japanese and I considered moving to Japan, but that was loooong ago and nowadays I wouldn't. I think I'm pretty good at English - that's because I learnt from games. I've been a translator (of manga, anime, some role-playing games too) and a teacher (of English as a second language, to grownups). These days I'm trying to get back to freelancing full-time: I guess that's where my heart is?
    I also have a bit of a peculiar fashion sense. I call myself a tiepunk, if that means anything to you.

    I don't yet have a nice website up for you all at platonicduck.eu - but I do have an e-mail newsletter at tinyletter.com/rafu that I use (in lieu of a "social" website) to broadcast what I'm doing (RPG-wise) to my friends all over the world. I also have this Patreon page that I was very conflicted about relaunching, but that's going to become the primary outlet for my design work (quite a lot of games I've designed and played, but not yet written down). Check those out if you feel like it.

    I've kept coming back to this forum over the years. I like being here.
  • Hey, didn't you design Awkward ? I've read it, so it's not totally unknown.
  • Hey, didn't you design Awkward ? I've read it, so it's not totally unknown.
  • Brad Murray here, again! I operate the VSCA, having published Diaspora, Hollowpoint, Callisto, Elysium Flare and others. Working now on something new, psychedelic, and light to prep. Looking forward to hearing more voices.
  • Hey guys - Machi here, I'm an aspiring game designer, trying to change the world! I posted about my first game, Ardent, on here a few days ago and the response has really left me floored. So much love, so much engagement, such good criticism. Thank you Story-Games! You've made a believer, out of me. #oracle
  • cool
    Hello and Welcome.
  • I'm Jonathan Walton, and I was last active here around 2013 or so. I discovered the Forge in 2002, and most of my games trajectory follows indirectly from that. I ran Game Chef from 2009-2012, after Andy K but before Avery. My most well-known games stuff is probably Geiger Counter (which has never been formally released), Metrofinal (ditto), and the Planarch Codex stuff for Dungeon World, though recently I've been working on a number of freeform larps and experimental games. People in indie games circles often call me "Jaywalt" /" JWalt," which was a college nickname. Most of my game stuff is published under "J. Walton," because I used to have a serious think-tank job and didn't want those worlds to get mixed up. I'm semi-fluent in Chinese and am currently a PhD student.
  • Welcome. You can go straight to the VIP room.
  • @DeReel Ha. I’ve spent most of my career not being very notable, so I doubt that’s going to change now. My main joy in life is supporting other people in doing things that they’re excited about. My most notable contributions were probably (1) declaring the Forge to be dead, and (2) helping popularize the term “hack.”
  • Hi, I'm Matthijs Holter. I live in Drammen, Norway. I've designed some games (Archipelago, Society of Dreamers, Draug). Um... yeah. Written a few books (Devil's Cub and Conradine are the most recent ones). I have a bunch of kids, and work as a project manager in IT.
  • No less. It's an honour !
  • Hey there, @Matthijs ! Glad to see you again. Same there, @J_Walton
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    Hi, I’m Ole Peder. 37/M/Drammen, Norway.

    I’m currently running an Over the Edge campaign I’m having good fun with. Player in a Curse of Strahd D&D campaign (yesterday I threw a witch off a cliff). Last weekend I played a Tremere primogen in Oslo by Night, a new larp campaign. Good times.

    I was never much of a regular here, but I’ve lurked for several years.

    I don’t currently have any RPG design projects.
    Buy my stuff. Or just download it.

    There is a short beach near our house. It’s littered with shards from the old glass factory. They have been polished and dulled by the water. We sometimes walk there. The Moon seems particularly big on the horizon, over the hills. I was almost attacked by a swan there, once.
  • @olepeder Hey there, mate!
  • Hi! I'm Harry. I used to post here years ago, but even then, it was on a fairly infrequent basis. I'm a father and preschool teacher in Portland, Oregon, a regular attendee of Gamestorm and GPNW, and a peripheral lurker in the indie games scene around here. My taste in games in pretty omnivorous, but I'm especially excited about Burning Wheel (and its descendants) and board wargames these days.
  • @J_Walton Your game, "Waiting for the Queen / Tea at Midnight," still resonates with me today. Do not underestimate the influence you had on people.
  • @Adam_Dray I think you're probably the only one who read that game, but thanks :)
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    "In the future [our present], everyone will be world-famous to about 15 people" -- Andy Warhol Ben Lehman
  • @J_Walton I even played it!
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    @J_Walton I read it many times! Maybe even played it -- who can recall?

    Hi! I'm Hans. It’s very strange, but comforting, to be back here. I remember the day I joined in, I believe, January 2009. I felt like I wasn't cool enough and didn't have enough experience to be here, but I came anyway, and posted and read almost daily for years.

    I haven’t been involved in internet discussions about roleplaying in some time, probably since 2013 or so. I have been playing since then, but not a great deal, and not with the voracity I had to keep up with the new new new new new from about 2007-2013.

    I’ve run a fair amount of fifth edition, both some of the published adventures as well as a short campaign I designed on my own. I enjoyed running the published adventures more (I don’t have the time or emotional energy to create a campaign!), but I found making 5e fun is just as dependent on having the right group with the same type of buy-in as making, say, Sorcerer fun is. Anyway, I don’t see dipping my toes back in any time soon.

    I’ve played good games with @EnricPDX not that long ago!

    For the last two years I’ve run a monthly game at my office, for some of our customers, who are all adults with developmental disabilities. We started out using 5e, moved to the Black Hack, moved to Lamentations, and have settled on Dungeon Crawl Classics. That last is ideal for fantasy roleplaying that keeps the rules-handling as much out of the players’ hands as possible – some of my folks aren’t skilled readers, so looking up and knowing spells doesn’t work for them. With DCC, I just have them roll and I look up the result on a chart. It keeps high-complexity classes firmly in the grasp of anyone.

    I was heavily involved in local public gaming community from about 2010-2013, and left that abruptly. I haven't been to a convention since I think late 2012.

    I got divorced.

    I go in and out of interest with Warhammer; I like to paint minis but committing to the game is a lot! I was very into Netrunner for a while.

    I quietly self-published one game that I’ve always viewed as sort of perverse, and now even more so. I’m not ashamed of it, but it’s of little interest to anyone, and I’m neither surprised nor saddened to find that’s the case. Working on it and playtesting it and finishing it was more for me than for anyone else.

    I’m far less interested in game design these days than in writing. I’ve been writing fiction mostly daily since March 2015. I think my strengths lie in words rather than experience design, and part of my interest in game publishing was surely due to wanting to be one of the “cool” people in the scene a decade or less ago. I have no interest in that any more, but I do want to write well and write deeply and connect with an audience, and I’m continually working on that.

    My girlfriend and I want to move to Detroit, and depending on how things with her job work out that may happen in the next year (or we may move to Beijing or somewhere in Germany; who knows?). We both are keen to make a new start somewhere other than the west coast.

    I’m not currently playing or running any rpgs other than the work game. I’m most interested in OSR play at the moment (and have been for a couple years), but I’m sure I’ll be called to some Weird Games not *too* too far in the future.
  • Welcome back, Hans.
  • Indeed! So nice to see people returning to the forum.
  • @Hans_c-o You used to have a cartoon cat as your avatar/icon on this forum, didn't you?
  • @Rafu Yes, that's me! Roast Beef Kazenzakis, a character from the webcomic Achewood. Not sure where that avatar went.
  • @Rafu Yes, that's me! Roast Beef Kazenzakis, a character from the webcomic Achewood. Not sure where that avatar went.
    Oh, right! I wasn't an Achewood reader at the time (I fixed that last year), so I hadn't made the connection.
  • Hi everyone
    I've been around other rpg forums, but just thought I would jump on this one as well as most of my more recent rpgs tend to be in the indie/storygame flavour.
    Looking forward to some positve discussions here!
  • Welcome ! Ready to share some of you "recent rpgs" thought processes ?
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    Hiya! I've had an account on here for a few months now and mostly lurked.

    I'm Miko and I'm both a big fan of story games and a developer of them in my spare time. My favorite types of video games are visual novels and RPGs (mainly turn-based ones, but more free-fighting ones like FFXV are nice every once in a while too), but I mainly prefer anything with a good plot and characters that stick with you.

    I hope to stick around and find some hidden gems I've never heard of before!
  • I'm Andrew. I live in East Tennessee. I'm 47, a husband, and father of 3 kids. I started playing RPG's 30 years ago with AD&D. After a long journey through many different games and play styles I've returned (sort of) to a rather old school sensibility.

    My current group is playing Castles and Crusades. I'm the GM (or CK in C&C parlance). You can find the website for the group and game HERE if you are interested. Which reminds me. I need to go update the last session.
  • Welcome Gaerik !^^
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    Hi everyone,

    I joined a few months ago, but haven't popped in here much, although I may check in weekly now to see the banter.

    I have been playing rpgs since the 1980s when I was in my teens, had a big break in my 30s, but have enthusiastically returned to the hobby in my 40s. Generally involved in or running a session every month, I would love to do more, but real life comittments always get in the way (wife, children, work, etc etc)

    Currently running BRP (RuneQuest Glorantha and Call of Cthulhu), Fate Core, and Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells. Lots of other systems up my sleeve, but these are my current addictions. Sometimes I turn up as a player for a mate's D&D 5E game, which is fun, but not my thing to GM.

    I've always keeping a lookout for new systems, my most recent purchases are Blood & Bronze, Forbidden Lands, Blades In The Dark, and City Of Mist. Not sure when I'll get around to playing them, but they look good. Backing the Cortex Prime kickstarter at present, so that should be good once published.

    The main game I am running at the moment is set in Middle Earth, I am using various supplements from The One Ring rpg, however I wasn't sold on the mechanics, so I'm using Fate Core to run it instead, and things are going great.

    Happy New Year everyone, here's to many gaming memories to come!
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