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  • Hi- Happy New Year! I'm the author of Braunstein and co-author of Source of the Nile and some other games.. An old guy who has been gaming since 1958. I was a TSR stockholder and watched helplessly while the company was torn apart by people who wanted to take it away from Gary (and who eventually succeeded). Any questions about the distant past of RPGs?
  • Respect !
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    Greetings and Happy New Year.
  • Welcome to Story Games, David. Are you just joining us, or have you been here for some time? I'll start another thread to ask you questions!
  • I've been here a while. I'm doing video game RPGs.

  • Oh, sorry! I meant David Wesely. Forgot you were a David, too. <=)
  • Hi all, and have a great new year.

    I'm Daniel Taylor, and I've been lurking for a while to learn Useful Stuff, but too busy to catch up and post. Hopefully life will be calmer in 2019.

    I'm mostly a writer of Freeform/Theatre LARPs, fairly well-known on the UK freeform circuit. Recently I've been working on getting a regular live group off the ground in my home town of Leeds, UK.

    Pleasure to meet you all.
  • Hey, welcome ! What sort of useful, iow useful for what ?
  • Hi,

    Jonathan here. I think I may be some kind of Internet ghost. I show up for a day or so at a time (on my version of Halloween?) here and there, drop off some comments and then disappear again.

    I'm a long time gamer and game writer. I started off with D&D, then moved on to GURPS, Fudge, and finally jumped on this crazy story game bandwagon. I've written lots of source material for Fudge (back when there was even an online magazine for it called Fudge Factor). I also wrote my own story game called Muse (co-designed with Paul T).

    I also started a regular lunch-time Muse game with co-workers! My boss walked in on us once and thought we were playing Poker. Too funny.

    I'm playing games regularly with Paul, Jeff and Dave (regulars on this forum, unlike me). We're just trying out various story games, going through them one at a time. Our latest was Witch: The Road to Lindisfarne, and before that it was Tales of Entropy. We'll have gone through all of them sometime around 2080.


  • We'll have gone through all of them sometime around 2080.
    Ooh! That's potentially within my lifespan. Can't wait!
  • Hi my name is Elijah, I'm in my late twenties and I live in the bay area of California.

    I've been running mostly 4th and 5th edition D&D for about 5 years, I almost never play as a main character although I think that could be fun. The last one and a half years though my interest in story games or role playing games has really exploded. I started reading about the history of D&D, which led me to the OSR, which in turn led me to indie rpgs (by which I mean anything but D&D). I think it was when I eventually read Dogs in the Vineyard that I realized there was a lot more out there than I had thought.

    Since then I spend a lot of time reading game books and these forums, and luckily I get to run a game almost every week too. I really want to get better at running games, even more than that though I'd really like to understand what I'm doing when I run them, but that feels constantly out of reach. I don't write often, but I'm trying to change that which is part of why I made an account here.

    I play whatever I can get people to play. I've mostly played 5th edition D&D with Trollbabe or Dungeon Crawl Classics coming in second. Other games that I've played and enjoyed include:
    Monster of the Week (Pbta), Mothership, Ten Candles, and Fiasco (I've also run Cthulhu Dark but didn't really care for it in practice)

    Some games that I've read and am very eager to play: Mouseguard, Apocalypse World, Blades in the Dark

    Some games that I'm excited about but haven't even read yet: Pendragon (currently reading), The Mountain Witch, Polaris: Chivalric Tragedy at the Utmost North, Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine
  • That's a really cool cross-section of the game hobby! Welcome. I'd love to see a thread about your experiences with these games, given your exposure to them, and what you see as their strengths and weaknesses. Cheers!
  • Welcome to you 2.
  • Hallo, been lurking off and on for six months now after The Great Google+ Exodus so figured it's about time I should have already said hello.

    Was sucked into RPGs about 4 years ago by D&D 5e (still DM'ing that campaign so 'yay' there) and have played and/or read a number of other systems (mostly the big hitters - DCC, CoC, FAE, Mouse Guard - but a few smaller ones too). The Black Hack has been my go to for running local MeetUp one-shots for its simplicity but very much looking forward to The Forest Hymn & Picnic being finished and always willing to explore something new.

    Entered the #200WordRPG challenge last year (Zap! Atomic Ray Gun!) and started making a sci-fi heartbreaker last December; it's since turned into a board game with RPG elements and nearing(possibly) beta testing... keen to share when ready but obviously only if the board is amenable to that kind of thing.

    I'm not great at keeping up with posting on forums - partly due to reasonably standard social anxiety, partly time related - but sometimes it works out alright.

    So... yes. HAI!
  • @lux Welcome to Story-Games!
  • Welcome!
  • Very cool, lux!

    I’m sure everyone would be excited to hear about your board game, and especially to hear about the journey from RPG to board game -
    That’s an interesting process. Welcome!
  • [...] to hear about the journey from RPG to board game
    I have so many prototype iterations and will happily bore anyone who listens :) thanks for the welcome!
  • I'm quite serious when I say that we would love to hear about that. I encourage you to start a thread and tell us about the journey and what you changed along the way! That would be a fantastic story to hear.
  • Yup! I’d be into reading about that!

    Also: Welcome! Greetings from Belgium!
  • Re-introducing myself. It's been a while since I posted here. Used to lvoe coming to Story Games, especially to support Sean Gomes' Uncharted Worlds.
  • Hi, I’m Josh. I’ve been playing RPGs since the early 90’s - pretty familiar with a wide arrange of trad RPGs from that era up to today. In the last five(?) years or so I’ve become really intrigued by the indie/storygame/narrativist/improv/whatever-you-want-to-call-it side of the hobby.

    I recently began designing my own games (well, I’ve always designed stuff - I’m just sharing it now) and trying to be a more active member of the community (I’ve always lurked around forums, but never contributed much - I’m trying to change that).

    So far, I’ve got a fantasy pbta hack I created -


    And a weird, absurdist, boardgame-meets-rpg thing that I made over a weekend -


    This summer I’m planning on revising the first and creating some expansions for the second, as well as maybe trying my hand at some OSR stuff, as that’s another area of the hobby that I’m intrigued by, but never really had a lot of experience with (I cut my teeth on very railroaded 2E AD&D, and got the majority of my early training from White Wolf storyteller advice and adventure design...it’s taken a while to unlearn what I now consider some really bad habits)

    So that’s my story in a nutshell. I’ve really enjoyed this forum that only discovered a couple of years ago, and the recent threads about whether or not this forum is hostile to newcomers made me realize I should probably create an account and join in. (On that note, I have sometimes found the discussions here a little intimidating, as I just don’t have range of background knowledge and indie rpg experience that a lot of the posters do. But that’s just my own anxiety. Otherwise, the forum has always seemed welcoming.)

    Nice to meet you all!
  • Welcome. The second link is the first. The game at the end of it seems easy to play.
  • Welcome, indeed, and thanks for the kind words, as well as for sharing your games!
  • Thanks!

    As far as the links, they both go to the right (separate) games. I've noticed, however, that on my phone anytime I click a link to DriveThruRPG it takes me to the last DriveThruRPG page I was on, so it will keep taking you to the same game no matter what link you click...not sure how to fix that...

    On my desktop, both links work correctly though.
  • (How odd! I get the same result.)
  • Coming back it works the way you describe. I just have to click the second link (which the first now is ;).
  • Yeah welcome!

    Others have dealt with the intimidating...ness that you describe. Not sure how to fix that (I feel that way too sometimes) other than just going for it!

    Which you are and I hope others continue to do so as well!
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