I have a question about The Imposters

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If people haven't heard of The Imposters, it's a new book of RPGs and Larps by different game designers—James Mullen's game The Thought Police is going to appear in it.
I know that James' game is GMless. Does anyone happen know if the other RPGs appearing in the book are GMless? Or which games are GMless? Thanks:smile: BTW @James_Mullen, your game sounds really cool, I'm looking forward to playing it :smile:


  • So out of the 7 games:

    "They're Onto Me" is for one player total, no GM.
    "LOVEINT" is GMless.
    "The Meet" is GMless.
    "The Thought Police" is GMless.
    "Light of Day" has a GMlike role, the Agency, that represents the world and provides opposition to the PC actions, but it's subverted somewhat in the way PCs take actions secret from the GM.
    "The Way of All Flesh" is GM optional.
    "Fieldnotes 23" is GMless.

    I think that is the correct tally.
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