[Playtesting] Playtesting a Fiasco Playset

Jason, when you're playtesting a new playset, what do you look for? (I'll start a new thread, if that's worthwhile!)
I want other eyes on the lists to look for obvious incongruities and problems, especially in Relationships. Will they all work together? People are good at spotting relationships that make no sense.

I want to see what choices people make.

One very common personal problem is that I sometimes forget to randomize the lists when I finish them - usually my 1 and 6 entries are the most interesting and colorful ones, because 1 is the first thing I'm excited about int he category and 6 has simmered for a long time, so those need to get scrambled up a little. Ideally every choice is perfect, but there are many kinds of perfect, so a few less in your face options are always good.

Sometimes a playset has a weird rule that needs attention - in Half A Million Dollars In A Grocery Bag there is only one object (half a million dollars in a grocery bag) so what happens to those two dice?

(I am off to Camp Nerdly so I can't contribute to a discussion for a few days, but thanks for asking this)


  • Excellent! Nice to hear.

    How did you handle the situation with the grocery bag? Did you adjust the playset in some way, or the setup procedure?
  • It works fine when you just assign dice to the Object normally during setup. It needs to get two dice, and one of them determines which relationship the object is associated with, so it all sort of works out.
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