Shameless Plug: Mirrorrim Player's Guide -- Free Preview (5e)

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I just put this up for Free RPG Day, which is Saturday. I've talked about the D&D 5e games I run in this setting. Lately, I've been running twice-a-week two-hour dungeon crawl games on Roll20. In 2016, I was posting about my "poor squatters" campaign set in the City of Brass (that's this city, too).

Mirrorrim Player's Guide on

This preview contains player-focused teasers for the setting, but a creative game master could use what is here to build their own campaign and dungeons. Much of the content is system-agnostic, but the racial options are OGL 5.0-compatible.

MIRRORRIM is a huge, ancient desert city-state built on top of a megadungeon.

Mirrorrim contains thousands of years of secrets and wonders, buried beneath the city streets in sealed-off caverns and tunnels—the city’s “megadungeon.” As dungeon explorers, you’re in grave danger. First and foremost, the city’s government forbids you to enter this dungeon. After that, you’re in danger from the monsters and traps that fill the dungeon’s halls. (And fear of those monsters escaping is why the city forbids you from tampering with the dungeon.)

Inside the book, you'll find 57 pages of content focusing on the setting and character-generation options:

* A map of the city (peek at the preview here).

* The city of Mirrorrim, its legal system, and points of interest.

* Short descriptions of the better-known dungeons and the laws that try to keep you out.

* Organizations that your character might interact with.

* A brief treatment of how magic is different in this world.

* A little talk about modern and ancient languages.

* A list of unique names for Mirrorrim characters.

* Information on the 14 racial options in the setting, with complete write-ups for the new ones.

* Discussions of class options and how they fit into the setting.


Some of the best stuff in here lies in the unique takes on races, even the usually-familiar ones.

Elves live less than 30 years and make pilgramages to the Great Tree to store and retrieve racial memories. Dwarves are literally made of stone. Gnomes see into the spirit world. Halflings are a survivor slave race who have evolved to eat less, take up less space.

You can play Djinni: air elementals enslaved to a magic lamp. Or mean-spirited Efrit fire elementals. Gnolls are PC races, and they're shrewd, socially clever "pack" people who function well in cities. Ratlings are small rat humanoids, surprisingly well cultured and impeccably dressed.

Want really weird? Gargoyles are living statues from a local neighborhood, who have come to life, but still feel a pull to that part of the city. Flamenku are flamingo kenku from the desert who get their nutrition from a weird, blue algae.

Even humans come in two varieties in Mirrorrim: Commoner and Noble.


  • Great work… and I only now saw why Mirrorrim has two rr:s between the second and third syllables. Of course… :blush:
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