[OSR] Lists of Things - help needed

I need a bit of help completing a few lists of things.
I need ideas, and some feedback (do you find them interesting? inspiring? fun?).
The default reference is a dungeon but it should potentially also fit any kind of finite/labyrinthine location: a city, a forest, a castle, a cave, a sewer, a tomb, etc
What I have so far is:

a Passage
1 ascending
2 descending
3 twisting
4 forking
5 dangerous
6 ???

an Area
1 small
2 big
3 vast
4 different
5 dangerous
6 ???

a Special location
1 the way out
2 ???
3 the vilest enemy
4 the richest treasure
5 the hardest trial
6 the quest goal

an Obstacle
Something in the way and:
1 natural
2 complex
3 manufactured
4 simple
5 broken
6 ???

an Oddity
Something conspicuous and:
1 alluring
2 alarming
3 out of place
4 old
5 new
6 alive

a Threat
Something is dangerous:
1 trap
2 creature
3 environment
4 ???
5 ???
6 ???

- - - - - -

I also need one more thing for this other list.
It's meant to somehow boil down a whole "class" into a single skill/activity/action :
1 fighting (warrior)
2 finding (ranger)
3 knowing (scholar)
4 tinkering (rogue)
5 persuading (bard)
6 ???


  • This reminds me a bit of The Seclusium of Orphone of the Three Visions (which I haven't given up on… it just takes me a while to get it put together). I like things a little more concrete
  • Could you offer some examples? :)
  • Here's one I used that I got from some other list online that I lost:
    A strong magnet that attracts all metal
    Either I placed it at the bottom of a lake, or it already had that property, I donvt remember.

    Or just some mundane ones

    A writing desk with a letter to a regretful lover.

    A level 2 wizard with a bagful of 25 fireball scrolls

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    Thank you :)

    mmm ... I see ... but I fear they are too specific for my purposes.
    I need to strike a balance between helping players come up with interesting stuff, and staying as light/simple as possible (aka: not drowning in thousands of tables :persevere: )

    You see, it's for a gmLess thing with a procedurally generated dungeon.
  • On Threat you could add "equipment failure" or "malfunction", dunno what sounds better in english and for the setting.
    Maybe "misunderstanding" there also?
    On class you could have "healing" for a cleric, doctor or shaman, dunno what's the vibe you would prefer there.
  • I get it, Hasimir! Let us know after testing
  • a Passage - narrow, constricted, confined
    an Area - unsensed
    a Special Location - the shortcut, the bottleneck
    an Obstacle - unseen, subtle, intelligent, not solid
    a Threat - morals, time-waster
    a Class - magicking, traversing
  • a Threat: adventurers
  • A class: being (an elf or a monk - or the princess, my favourite D&D class)
  • A class: Divining (cleric, shaman or scryer)
  • Class functions:
    multiclassing (roll again twice and combine)
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