Games like Our Last Best Hope?

I'm interested in checking out games that have well defined play structures that advance the "story" like Our Last Best Hope. OLBH has this Character Scene -> Face the Threat loop that combines with a pacing mechanic to sort of move the story arch. The only other game I can think of is My LIfe With Master.

I considered Shock and Remember Tomorrow, but while they (especially Remember Tomorrow) do have well defined types of scenes with goals and end conditions for the scenes, from what I remember they don't have mechanics that trigger different phases in the overall story.

Any other games like Our Last Best Hope that would be good to try?


  • IIRC, Lacuna has something like that. And Finding Haven will, when it finally comes out.
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    While the World Ends has two types of scenes, and you need one scene type to be able to move forward with the other, and the other scene type will eventually end the game.

    Imagine is my free six page vignette game, that has three types of scenes that are played out in the same way but has restrictions of what can be played out within them. These scenes are then looped within a kishotenketsu inspired act structure.

    InSpectres has four acts and a pacing mechanism that moves them along.

    Mouse Guards has an act structure where first the game master plays his/hers planned scenes, and then it's the players' act where they can create scenes.

    Kagematsu has scenes on the character sheet that the players suggest in order to seduce the samurai Kagematsu, played by the game master. A great game on its own, and worth checking out. The cover is beautiful too.

    My Daughter, the Queen of France plays the same scenes over and over but starts off as really restricted in what you can do, and then gets more loose as the scenes are repeated.

    I can suggest more, if you want to, but the ones I mentioned differs enough for me to put them in different categories.
  • While the World Ends and InSpectres are both great games!
  • @Dreamofpeace and @Rickard

    Thank you so much for the suggestions. I think this gives me enough to get started. When I'm ready for more suggestions, I'll update this thread.

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