Family friendly Fiasco playsets?

Or at least maybe pg?? Pg13???
I have one I found on drivethru... can’t remember the title but it’s 1950s schlock Monster movie themed. There must be others.


  • Do you mean, playsets not including any "sex" categories for relationships? Is sex the one specific taboo theme, or are there more?
  • Whores. Cocaine. Crystal meth. Rusty trombones. Heroin. Murder most foul. So sex and drugs and egregious violence, but the violence is easier to sidestep if we just don’t bring too much into it. I know some people will think it’s foolish to even try. The one p.c. play set we have worked nicely w our kids though so I’m wondering about others... I should just write my own. I could corner the market! If I do, I’ll post a link to it here...
  • Now, I can't check it right now, but I guess the kung-fu playset will do... I think it's called The Golden Panda or something like that.

    Nick Wedig's Science Comics super-hero playset comes in both a regular and a "Comics Code Approved" version.

    Dragon Slayers has a throwaway reference or two such as "overindulging - with wenches" which might or might not be a problem to you/your kids.

    I suppose you're also using "softer" endgame tables from the supplement?
  • Thanks Rafu, you really are an incredible font of rpg knowledge! I appreciate your generosity in sharing it! Yes, as I recall we used the tilt table and aftermath a bit loosely.

  • Thanks for the kind words!

    I'm a bit surprised at nobody else chiming in, but really, I don't think what you're looking for is much of a rarity. An impressive amount of playsets have been created over the years, most of them being shared for free - perhaps 33% of those based on film genres (or even non-film genres) not at all related to Fiasco's core lore of small-town crime tragicomedy. My conservative guesstimate is, perhaps 10% of all existing playsets are "family friendly" according to your standards - it's just a matter of locating them.
    I'd just pick up a few which are based on film-genres your kids know and like, then scour them for items of content. Perhaps may be a useful starting point, navigating it by tags?
    I don't think I can be of any more help than this, as I tend to have very different priorities in picking up Fiasco playsets myself.
  • The "softer" Tilt and Aftermath tables appear in the Fiasco Companion, by the way, and would probably be a good thing for your game.
  • Here's a "clean" version of High School from the Fiasco Companion:
  • Thanks Jason, Paul, and Rafu,
    Paul (or Jason) do you know which of the fiasco companion volumes has the softer tilt and aftermath tables?
    For context, my daughter wants to have a fiasco birthday party (16 years old), but many of her friends (although theatre kids) are from religious homes (unlike our girl ;). So I’m trying to find a theme and playset that can work for all. And I’m trying to get her set up so I don’t have to meddle in their fun and spoil it all with my dadness.
    Thanks again!
  • Phredd Groves did a My Little Pony one and the game we played at DexCon was 95% could have been an episode, albeit one with a different cast. The remaining 5% was, imo, aesthetically out of place, but at that point, it's a matter of taste, and nothing in the playset mandated it.
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    There are *volumes*? I thought it was just "The Fiasco Companion". That's what I have, and it's got the tables in it.

    It's one of the first items here: Bully Pulpit Store
  • My bad Paul. I was thinking of the playset anthologies. Thx for the clarification. I am gonna order it tonight :smiley:
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    Thanks Lisa. I think the kids might dig that one!
    Do you know where I’d find that one? My websearch didn’t get me to it...
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    I think it would also be pretty easy to take a playset your daughter really likes and edit out the objectionable stuff yourself, replacing it with similar but clean objects, needs, locations, relationships. Heck, it's her birthday, write her one as a gift. Better yet, write one with her. She'll be proud to show it off to her friends.
  • In many playsets there's a traditional need group to get laid and a few other sex-related relationships (e.g. a one night stand) and other needs (e.g. to seduce someone).

    Replacing these few items with something more setting-specific or more child-friendly (e.g. a need to be friends with, or esteemed by, certain persons, or fairly universal relationships like sharing a secret) should be enough to avoid putting character sexuality in the spotlight and to have a game in which romantic relationships are present and possibly troubled but lust is not a factor.

    Of course, getting rid of the prostitution in playsets like Bangkok: 1984 or Vegas, Baby would be unrealistic, and removing sex and alcohol/drugs and excessive violence and illegal behaviour from many playsets would leave them in ruins. The starting playset for editing out objectionable elements should be focused on something non-objectionable that can survive the editing unharmed.
  • I don't think Phredd's is online, but I may have taken a photo of it. There's at least one other My Little Pony set, and it's likely also family friendly.
  • Thanks again for suggestions. I am doing all of the above. Making a playset with our sweet 16 kiddo, and tweaking some existing ones! This will be fun.
  • I found the photos for Phredd's set, including modified Aftermaths. Any particular place I should put these? Or PM me for where to email photos? (I mean, they're photos, so it'll be a few large files, obviously.)
  • Thanks Lisa. I’ll send you a note. It’s so kind of you to do that for me!
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