What are your 3 favorite free rpgs?

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Please list your 3 favorite rpgs that are free to play.

I’m asking for a site I’m making.



  • Witch Quest is in the top of my list anyway.
  • Fate Accelerated Edition, Wushu Open, Cepheus Engine
  • Archipelago is my Number One.
  • Right now...

    ...on the indie side of things:

    Fu for generic indie games
    Ghost/Echo for the roll-then-assign-dice mechanic
    Jedi Wushu for a perfect match between rules and setting.

    ...on the traditional side:

    Mini Six for generic traditional games
    Fate Accelerated for using approaches rather than skills
    Eclipse Phase just for the amazing setting

    ...written in Spanish:

    SD6 for generic indie games
    sLAng / Eyes Only for generic traditional games
    Ablaneda for the amazing setting
  • Matching Hearts
    House of Reeds
    Sign in Stranger
  • Please list your 3 favorite rpgs that are free to play.
    Gotta ask: are there any tabletop rpgs that are not free to play?

    My favourite free-to-distribute rpg texts... probably D&D (takes a lot of picking and choosing to get something worthwhile, of course), The Shadow of Yesterday and I don't know about a third one. Is Parsely free?
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    James V. West's The Pool.
    Daniel Proctor's Labyrinth Lord from Labyrinth Lord Goblinoid Games. A D&D retroclone, with a free "no art" version.
    Can't think of a third (free) one right now.
  • I won't say "favorite" but I'll say "most on my mind"

    Cthulhu Dark
    World of Dungeons
  • Please list your 3 favorite rpgs that are free to play.
    Gotta ask: are there any tabletop rpgs that are not free to play?
    I am very, very tempted to brew up a free-to-play system for the beginning of this coming April and spring it on my group... what would the payments be for? Dice bennies but that's boring. Normally unavailable feats? Narrative control tokens? Foreknowledge? ...hats?

    No I'm not derailing. See, watch:
    D&D of some form, I think.
    Dungeons & Bananas.
    ...maybe Anima Prime?

    It's hard to think of favorite free games because my brain doesn't really have a natural category for "I got these games for free, but paid for these".
  • Mostly it's my own games!

    But I also really dig:

    * The Shadow of Yesterday/Solar System

    * John Harper's games, like Lady Blackbird and Ghost Lines

    * Old-school d&d, in the DIY ethos - it's easy to throw together a retro clone, house rules from some OSR blog, and grab a free module.

    Some of the minimalist ones are really nice, like Maze Rats.
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    If you search this forum, you'll find the rules for Outpost ( "Utpost"). I haven't played it, but it seems like a solid game.

    And I must second The Pool, of course!
  • Kingdoms of Ooo, Danger Patrol Pocket, Ghost/Echo, Otherkind
  • Wushu Open
    ...In Spaaace!!!
  • Cheat Your Own Adventure
    Ghost Lines (this slot could be filled with one of a half dozen John Harper games)

    Honorable mentions to Talk Find Make which is super underrated and great for playing with kids and Lexicon which would be at the top of my hypothetical "most desire-to-play free games" list (along with plenty of other games including the as-yet-unmentioned Roll for Shoes, Play With Intent, and Lasers and Feelings).
  • 1. Dream Askew (although it's only free if you're LGBT, but I am, so I'm listing it because it was free for me and I love it)
    2. A Place to Fuck Eachother
    3. The Final Girl
  • Are you looking to find out as many such high-quality free games as possible, or actually tracking which games get more "favorites"? My list is way too long, but since my top 3 are already mentioned above, the top 3 NOT mentioned above are probably...

    Into the Odd (has a free version https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6MR1KWIUR9UaFhnSU5TcDRVblk/edit)

    The Black Hack (online SRD is effectively a free version https://the-black-hack.jehaisleprintemps.net/)

    World of Dungeons: Turbo - Breakers (http://onesevendesign.com/breakers_wodu_turbo.pdf)
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